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Lone Star Elementary News, January 2016

Lone Star Elementary

Catherine Bartlett, Ed.D. Principal

Melissa Freeman Assistant Principal

Kelly Lout Assistant Principal

Elisa Krug Counselor

Important Dates This Month

1/4 - Students Return
1/6 - 9:00 PTA Meeting, room 400
1/12 - Lone Star Leadership for 4th Graders
1/13 - 1:00 Early Release & Schedule Change
1/14 - 1:00 Early Release & Schedule Change
1/15 - Student Holiday; Teacher Work Day
1/18 - School Holiday
1/26 - Report Cards go Home
1/26 - Garden Day for 2nd Graders
1/27 - 9:30 am Coffee with the Counselor
127 - Lone Star Leadership for 4th Graders
1/29 - MISDEF Casino night Fundraiser

Kindergarten Kiddos

B-r-r-ing it on! Winter is here and a new year, too. In Kindergarten we can’t wait to get back into the swing of school. During the first we months of school we completed our study of the alphabet. We will put our knowledge of the letters and sounds we learned into practice as we continue to read and write daily. We will use our phonological skills to “sound out” new words, count syllables in words, and segment words. Poetry will be our focus as we rhyme words using word families and learn to create our own short poems.

In Math we will learn to recognize and identify 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. We will continue to write and identify numerals 1-20 and count sets.

Our science unit will be “Rocks and Soil”. Kindergarteners love to observe different types of rocks with our magnifiers. We will also discuss weather patterns and seasonal changes. We will keep our fingers crossed and wish for a few Texas snowflakes.

The Kindergarten teachers would like to express our appreciation to all parents for their continued support as we strive to get our students ready for first grade. We would also like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Fantastic Firsties

It's January and that means our firsties are really starting to shine. This is the time of year when reading really takes off and it is hard to get them to put down their books. What a great problem to have!

This month we will continue to retell stories and use our schema to make inferences. We will start to decode and spell words with vowel pairs. In math we will use nonstandard units to measure. Creating and reading picture and bar graphs is always a fun time in first grade.

January is also a time to reflect back on the previous year. We would like to thank all of our room moms and volunteers for helping to make our Holiday party and Polar Express Day a success. We are truly appreciative of the support we have from all of our first grade parents.

Superstar Second Graders

Thank you for all of the kind words, gestures and hugs throughout the holidays. Our holiday parties were fun and festive, thanks to you all. We are continually blessed by you and all you do to support your kids!

January will bring fresh starts and new ideas to second grade. We will begin with recognizing areas to grow in and plan for. The students will make resolutions of what they would like to accomplish in 2016 to make it their best year yet!

In Language Arts the students will begin to study expository texts while looking deeply at main idea an non-fiction conventions. We will explore adjectives to make writing more interesting and fun!

Math will be diving into money! Students will build on their basic knowledge of coins and begin to grasp how financial literacy will affect their own life. (I know, it's second grade! ) They will start to explore concepts of saving vs. spending, credit and checking accounts. They will work with budgets and understand a bit more or the world around them. Let them start counting loose change now, soon they will be able to balance your checkbook! It is an exciting time in Second Grade!

Thrilling Third Grade

We are excited to ring in the New Year with our third graders! They have some exciting things happening this month in science and math. We are learning about forces that change our Earth while doing many experiments. We will be making a volcano and learning about fast and slow changes to the Earth. We will continue to learn our multiplication facts while beginning our unit on patterns and fractions. In language arts, our students will be exploring elements of poetry, fables, legends and myths…Oh my!!! Students will continue leaving “tracks” as they read in class and at home. In social studies, we will investigate inventors and how they impact our community past and present.

Fabulous Fourth

A new year means new learning! Now that our fourth grade mathematicians have mastered dividing, the new question is what do we do with our remainder: drop it, round it, share it, ignore it, or use it. Speaking of parts of a whole, fractions will be coming our way! Who doesn't like to get dirty? Our scientists will enjoy digging up soil and exploring their different properties. We are having a ball ringing in the new year with figurative language and poetry. Writers continue to dig deep as they learn to express themselves with expository writing. In social studies we will explore early explorers. We look forward to all the new learning happening with your kids!

C. A. M. P. (Computer - Art - Music - PE)


Biblio-Tech News

Magazine Fund Raiser

Thank you so much for supporting our Library through the magazine fund raiser. All funds raised will be used to purchase books and materials for the Library and Computer Lab. The average cost of a new library-bound book is $21.07 so every order counts! If you did not have a chance to shop or you would like to add to your purchases, you may shop on-line at any time. To shop, go to gaschoolstore.com and click “Shop Now”. Enter the code 479147 and the Library will receive a 40% profit from your purchases!

All students who participated in the fund raiser had their name entered in a drawing each day for prizes. Check out the winners of the final drawing! Thanks again for all of your support.

This month in the Library and Computer Lab:

Kindergarten will practice computer skills and explore books using Unite for Literacy.com.

1st Grade will share the non-fiction projects they created using WorldBookOnline and Chatterpix.

2nd Grade will showcase stories created with Storybird.com

3rd and 4th Grades will complete our Book Advertisements, vote for our favorite Bluebonnet Book and get ready for Battle of the Books.

Art Activities:

The art room is busy with fun and exciting projects!

Kindergarten and 1st grade are working on darling winter projects. Kindergarten is continuing developing their fine motor skills by creating an adorable collage penguin. First grade is learning about the element of Value as they explore soft pastels to make cute polar bears.

Second and Third Grade are starting on an adventure through time to learn about the first forms of art! Second Grade is journeying to France where they are learning about the Lascaux Cave. This cave was discovered by 4 boys 150 years ago when they lost their dog, Robot. The students are loving this story about how this prehistoric cave was found. Then they are creating their own cave art complete with a negative handprint. Third Grade is traveling to Ancient Rome and the city of Pompeii. They are learning about the gardens and mosaics that were unearthed there. Watercolors and oil pastels are the art tools were are using to draw our own Roman garden complete with a mosaic frame.

Fourth Grade is starting on their Sketchbook Project. Each week we will be exploring an Element of Art in our sketchbooks. This week is Value and Line. The students work is looking great!

Music Notes:

This month all students will learn about another one of the most famous composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born January 27, 1756. They will listen to and learn about his song Variations on “Ah vous dirai-je, maman” which sounds like the popular children’s song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Kindergarten students will work on identifying the form (pattern) of songs by clapping rhythms and performing body movements. They will also identify same and different rhythms using aural recognition.

1st grade students will be reading and labeling the melodic contour of songs using solfege syllables mi, sol, and la. They will also use aural recognition to identify different voices.

2nd grade students will begin working on songs and movements for their Texas/Western music program. The program will be Friday, March 11, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

3rd grade students will label high and low pitches using solfege syllables do, mi, sol, and la. They will also identify same and different phrases by using form (pattern) labels.

4th grade students will being learning about the recorder. They will learn the parts of the recorder, proper playing techniques, how to care for the recorder, and basic classroom playing rules and procedures.


This month students will be challenged with many jump rope skills. Students will be learning single, partner and long jump rope tasks. Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout that students can do at home and school, with or without a partner.

As they meet many single rope challenges, students will have an opportunity to put their name on the Jump Rope Wall in the gym.

Students will be bringing home a Jump Rope For Heart collection envelope at the end of this month if you would like to donate to the American Heart Association. All students will jump for the cause during their PE class on February 10th and 11th. Donations will be due Friday, February 12th.

Also, Montgomery High School will be having their second annual Bear Races on February 6th at the high school track field. This is a great experience to see what it's like to run in a track meet. All students will receive a ribbon and shirt. Flyers and registration forms can be found on Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Wisnieske's website and the district website. Hope to see you there!

General Reminders

Counselor's Corner

Our character value for this month is "Integrity" and doing what you know is right. The brain makes choices best and functions optimally when it is in a calm state. To practice this, we will review ways for being a S.T.A.R. (Stop, Take a deep breath, And Relax).

Sometimes doing the right thing is a simple act of kindness. We will participate in "The Great Kindness Challenge" January 25-29. Click below to download your own (or use the free app) kindness checklist and have fun with your child performing as many kind deeds as you can!


The next "coffee with the counselor" is January 27 at 9:30. Please consider joining me and click on the link below to learn more or RSVP.


Wishing You Well this New Year,

Elisa Krug

Lone Star Leadership

Each month, 2 fourth graders from each homeroom meet with Mrs. Krug, Mrs. Freeman, Ms. Lout, and Dr. Bartlett. We visit two times with the students to collaborate on campus concerns and brainstorm ideas. Our November representatives helped host our visitors for Veterans Day. Thank you to: Alyssa Allen, Brevin Anderson, Gerard Culotta, Carson Donnelly, Katelyn Eveland, Emily Gomez, Aiden Haack, Emma Hambrick, Audrey Hammons, Alexandria Lopez, Blayne Lusk, Blaine Mack, Lawson Mann, Elisha Rendall, Elise Riley, Kaitlyn Rivera, Stephanie Steele, Jordan Tayar, Chaston Wellman, and Piper White,

PTA Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 6th, 9am

16600 FM 2854 Rd

Montgomery, TX

Please join us in room 101 as we collaborate to help make Lone Star a great place for kids! PTA is an open forum meeting - all are welcome to attend, listen, ask questions, and vote.