Hebrew and Judiacs Newsletter

גן (Kindergarten)

January 4th-January 15th, 2015

Say "Shalom" to.....ק (KOOF)

The first letter of 2016 was the letter ק (koof). ק (koof) makes a "k" sound, and is the second letter we know makes the "k" sound. We remember this letter by thinking of the top part as a קשת (keshet) rainbow. We also learned that קשת means headband. They do look a lot alike. Here are some great words we learned:

Rainbow Keh-shet קֶשֶׁת

Community K-he-lah קְהִלָּה

Monkey Kof קוֹף

Small Ka-tan קָטָן

Summer Ka-yetz קַיִץ

Cold Kar קַר

Holy Ka-dosh קָדוֹשׁ

The letter צ (TZADEE)

Our letter this week was the letter צ (tsadee). צ makes a "ts" sound. A way to remember צ is to look at the triangles that the letter creates. The triangles look like pizza slices that were removed. When you say the word pizza, the sound that is created by the "zz" sound is identical to that of the letter. Here are some words we learned this week:

Color Tseh-va צֶבַע

Bird Tsee-por צִפּוֹר

Turtle Tsav צָב

North Tsa-phone צָפוֹן

Frog Tsfar-day-ah צְפַרְדֵּעַ

Tzedakah צְדָקָה

Yellow Tsa-hov צָהֹוב

JUDAICS: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth....

Last week,to gain a better understanding of why Shabbat is a "day of rest." We read the creation story from "The Child's Garden of Torah..." and then created our very own fold-able worksheet, to help us remember what God created on each day. The kids were very participatory in the activity and really enjoyed creating a worksheet that you fold.

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