Monday, May 2nd Meeting!

The Month of May has arrived with many events on the way.

During this Meeting each boy will be recognized and receive their earned adventure loops. They will work together to complete a Savenger Hunt, then share some thoughts about what they found. Two different games will be played at the meeting to encourage team building.

Coming Soon

The Bridge Building Competition is a fun winning and losing experience for the boys to develop team spirit. The Supplies and guidelines will be handed out Monday.

Larry and Amy will also hand out the Ribbons from the Raingutter Regatta Judges Choice to the boys who earned the reward.

Super Seller Party begins @ 7pm for the 24 Scouts that sold more than $200 in Coupon Books.

Monday, May 2nd, 9pm

After those 24 Scouts receive their reward, the rest of the pack will be invited for a sweet treat. Thank You and good Job for all the sales. Our Pack earned a profit of over $5,000 in Coupon Book Selling. Also the patches will be handed out to the Scouts for selling Coupon Books.