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Your Room-Mate Hasn't Paid You Back???

If not, then we're here to help get your money back. We will first file a complaint that he hasn't paid you back and then send a plaintiff. Even though he has pleaded so many times before that he has paid you back, we will prove that he hasn't.

Being Accused Of Not Paying Him Back???

As a defendant we plan to be there by your side through this journey. Even though your old room mate has probably filed a summons against you, we can help prove him wrong. Requesting an appeal to being to get your money back. By the end of this process we want the judge to announce the verdict and we win.


Yes the long journey to victory is hard, but it will all pay off in the end. So you will need to go on trial to actually prove that you did pay your rent and that your room mate is or isn't lying. The pretrial conference will take place before the actual trial to define the issue being brought up. Let me remind ahead of time there will be much arguing and mediation and as well as hopefully arbitration before going to court. We need you to be prepared on what's about to happen.

Remember What To Bring

Preponderance of evidence which is a crucial part in this process. You need to have enough evidence to be able to go through this court case without any hesitant.