Christmas in Italy

Celebrated from December 25th - January 6th

The food is good I guarantee, when it comes from Christmas at Italy

At Christmas Eve they have a light dinner. But it's not just any dinner it is a dinner for vegetarians. There is no meat at all on the table. None except fish. The people eat fish for their strong catholic belief. They would eat 7 for the 7 deadly sins. Not everyone eats 7 some eat 9, (for the christian trinity times 3) 13,(to represent Jesus and his 12 disciples), or 11(without Jesus and Judas). On Christmas lunch they have 3 courses. The first course would have classic Antipasto (a classic entree or dish) it contains: cuts of cured meat, garnished with olives and cheese. The next course is the pasta course. It has various types of pasta. The last course is de rigueur. A meat course. That contains: roasted veal, braised beef or roasted chicken. The people call the birds victims for their lust of meat.

Children will give an applause for their own Santa Claus

Italy has 2 Santa Clauses. The first one is Babbo Natale. He is getting popular but not as popular as Le Befana. Babbo Natale is more skinnier and regal than the original St. Nicholas. Christmas is very similar to United States Christmas. Babbo Natale puts toys in stockings, there are Christmas trees, and reindeer. But another way for them to get their presents is the Urn of Fate. It's a large ornamental bowl that wrapped presents go into. The family takes turns pulling out a random present. The other popular Santa is Le Befana. People know her as the witch and instead of a sleigh she rides a broom. The people hide their brooms in fear of witches. In the morning Le Befana would be please that they only want her around so she would leave gifts. If not she would put coal in the stockings. She is described with white hair, raggedy clothing, broken down shoes, and ash on her because of going down the fireplace.

Italy full of preparation take a look at their main decorations

Italy has many symbols of Christmas but the main one is a Presepio. A Presepio is a nativity scene of the birth of Jesus. There are different ones throughout Italy each one is different. You would mostly find them in front of catholic churches. The figures are from tiny to large and are carved out of wood. A Presepio can be various sizes from tiny to large. Each one is painted carefully and draped with magnificent clothing that shimmers. They hand made these figures. This all started in the 1200's from St. Francis that made a nativity scene and performed it out. To Americans they mostly consist about 10 characters: Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the three wise men, a shepherd and a few animals. But the nativity scenes in Italy have biblical characters, angels, and everyday people and animals. They are mostly crafted out of Olive wood. The crib in the manger scene is left empty till Christmas day until the youngest member of the family has placed the baby Jesus in the crib. The largest nativity scene is located at Piazza San Pietro, the piazza in front of St. Peters. This will take long periods of time to complete. There are many different sizes of the scene. But all of them have the same thing in common : all have them has Baby Jesus in the manger.
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