BAPS Sunday Focus

Term 2 Week 2

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Photo Day

Monday is our photo day. Please refer to Kristy's organisation and note that our staff photo is at 8.15 am. Please be prompt...thanks

communication meetings

From this week...our communication meetings will commence on even weeks..

Instructional Coaching

As I mentioned on our staff development day your input into the future direction of our instructional coaching is critical. Please take the time to give you thoughts on the first term. The surveys are anonymous so please feel free to give your thoughts. They are important.

Lynda Rivers

Sadly our Chaplain Linda Rivers will be leaving us to commence full time employment after the 11th May. I know many of our children have benefited from Lynda's time and expertise.

We wish Lynda well in embarking on her new challenge.

I will share information regarding her replacement as it comes to hand.

Our playground upgrades

You may have noticed that some of the shrubs and small foliage have been removed from the bottom corner (cricket nets). This is designed to improve the line of sight for our teachers on duty in that corner. A big thank you to Jamie for giving up his family time during the holidays to work with Peter to achieve this. We will need to make further adjustments to our playground in the future to improve our lines of sight and ensure our boundaries are clearer.

Caden and Alicia

If you see either Alicia St John or Caden Jones outside their rooms can you please not engage with them unless you believe they are in danger.


People Matter Survey

The People Matter Employee Survey is for all staff in the NSW public sector and offers an opportunity to give feedback on what it’s like to work in the Department of Education and within the NSW Government. This is the third time we have run the survey.

The survey can be accessed on 2 May and is open to all department corporate, teaching and non-teaching staff, including long-term temporary and casual employees. The survey will close on 31 May.

If you wish to have your say click on the link below...

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The Whole Child....

At BAPS we all know that we are educating children from varied backgrounds and family settings with many different values.

Ultimately we are an educational institution but the incidental learning I believe can in some ways be even more valuable in helping each child reach their potential.

This is not just a proud dad moment (although it is) but it highlights my point. At my son's soccer this week the team he played was short on players. Without prompting my son took his own jersey off and put on the other teams jersey so that both teams were able to play.

My son's soccer ability is not a reflection of my values but his actions on this occasion were.

Our school providing other opportunities such as sport, dance etc. are what helps create better citizens and instils values which are difficult to replicate in the classroom.

I think as a school we need to continue to focus on the whole child.

Have a great week!

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