The Bulldog Bulletin

Avalon Gardens Elementary School [Volume 7- April 2021]

Principal's Message-Michael Pile

I want to thank all the parents that participated in our STEAM Open House event on March 23, 2021. By actively engaging in school events, you help to make our school better, thus creating a better educational experience for your child. We will continue to build our STEAM academy and prepare our students for their futures. Also, I would like to thank the parents that completed the reopening survey. Over 90% of you completed the survey! Thank you!

Parents, I want to acknowledge all that you have done and endured this past year. You have been the principal, teacher, nurse, cafeteria manager, and recess supervisor. You may not hear it enough, but we appreciate you. To all the parents participating behind the scenes, we know that it hasn't been easy. Some of you have lost family members or jobs, maybe both, yet, you did your best. For that, we commend and appreciate you.

We will officially re-open our school April 19, 2021. Monday, April 19th, will be for all staff. Students will meet with their teachers virtually for thirty minutes that day. Tuesday, April 20th, PreK-1st grade hybrid students will start on campus. Wednesday, April 21st, 2nd-3rd grade hybrid students will start on campus. Thursday, April 22nd, 4th-6th grade students will start on campus. Students attending school under the hybrid model will attend school on campus from 8:00 am until 11:00am. Students learning online will attend zoom sessions from 12 noon until 3:00pm.

Lastly, please consider joining getting involved. We are establishing our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Local School Leadership Council (LSLC). The PTO will help fundraise and conduct educational workshops for parents. The LSLC will make decisions regarding the school calendar, events, and hiring of staff. We are on a mission to build our parent participation. Please come out and support! The school and your children are depending on you to help us all get through this difficult time. We can do it together!


Michael A. Pile


Avalon Gardens Elementary STEAM Academy

13940 San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90061

office (310) 532-8540

School is Reopening!

Big picture

Our School is Reopening the Week of April 19th

Monday, April 19th, 8am

13940 San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA

  • School will reopen for all staff April 19, 2021. Teachers will welcome their students virtually on that day.
  • Student will start based on their grade level:

*PreK/Grade 1: Tuesday, April 20th

*2nd/3rd: Wednesday, April 21st

*4th/5th/6th: Thursday, April 22nd

  • All students attending classes in person will be on campus from 8:00am-11:00am.
  • All online learners will be virtual from 12:00pm-3:00pm.
  • Parents of special education students will be notified of schedules.

Parent Spotlight

It Takes a Village....

Avalon Gardens Elementary School is committed to our students and families. We realize that we all must work together for the good of our students. This month we are highlighting three parents that exemplify what it means to be an "AG Bulldog." They are engaged in their student's learning, attend school events, communicate positively with teachers and staff, and have the school's best interest at heart.

Mrs. Reyes, thank you for attending school events with Bryan. We enjoy seeing Bryan's smiling face at the events. We value how supportive you are. Your hands-on support with your child enhances the teacher's lessons. Thank you!

Mr. Dorsey, thank you for your positive energy and participation in school events. We thank you for supporting the School Site Council last year. Thank you for investing in the lives of our students through your volunteer work. Thank you!

Mrs. Daniels, thank you for attending school meetings and making your voice heard. Please continue to be an insightful and supportive contributor during your child's synchronous lessons. Your diligence enhances your child's educational experience. Thank you!

We appreciate you all!


Friday, April 9th, 9am

This is an online event.

Students will receive awards for the following:

A- Attendance

B- Bulldog of the Month

C- Citizenship (Good digital citizens follow the 3 B's: Be safe, Be respectful and Be responsible)

The awards will be distributed in individual virtual classrooms at different times.

ELAC (English Language Advisory Council) Meeting

Thursday, April 22nd, 3pm

This is an online event.

If you are a member of ELAC, please join us for our English Language Advisory Council meeting. This meeting is open to the public. Public comments are restricted to 5 participants, 2 minutes each. We look forward to your presence and participation.

SSC (School Site Council) Meeting

Thursday, April 22nd, 4-5pm

This is an online event.

If you are a member of SSC, please join us for our School Site Council meeting. This meeting is open to the public. Public comments are restricted to 5 participants, 2 minutes each. We look forward to your presence and participation.

Family Art Night

Friday, April 23rd, 5-6pm

This is an online event.

Please join us on zoom for a night of fun and art. The link to the event will be posted in the STEAM course on Schoology.

The Corner Office

The ladies of the Corner Office would like to wish you a wonderful April!

The office is open from 8:00-4:00 pm. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. (310) 532-8540

Parent and Family Center Updates

Ms. Lizette Bastida and Ms. Diamond Frierson of the Avalon Gardens Parent and Family Center would like to welcome you to attend their office hours. This is a space where your voice can be heard and you can feel empowered to support your student/s. Their office hours are Monday-Friday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. They look forward to hearing from you.


Lizette Bastida-

Zoom ID: 442 407 1631

Diamond Frierson-

Zoom ID: 791 3264 7465

School Office- (310) 532-8540