Camp Half Blood

Percy Jackson


At camp, normally you will be claimed. It could be a Trident, hammer, beauty makeover or others. Depending on who you're parent and symbol is, you get put into cabins. Aphrodite's cabin is like a pink doll house, Hepateuse's cabin has an underground forge with high quality beds and Poisiden's cabin has shells stuck to the walls and is blue with a double bunk.


pegasus flying lessons, a climbing wall with lava, arts and crafts, chariot racing are just some of the activities we offer. Every Friday night, we play capture the flag. It consists of capturing the other teams flag with monsters, other campers and Rivers. There is also a Zeus's Fist.


The diving area consists of stone tables with stone benches. When you get your cutlery, say what you want and it will appear. This is the wind spirit's help.


If you want permission to go on a quest, you have to consult the oracle and tell Mr. D and Chiron what the oracle said. Then he might give you permission.