character analysis: Jesse



its hard working on the fields

picking up cotton

in the hot sun

getting payed minimum wage

not have a lot of money to pay bills

still have to go to school

to learn and get a better job

try change your life

you dont know when something good or bad is going to happen


dear Jesse.

so how hard was working in the fields did you ever had a accident when you where in the fields bet there where people that they did not care about the mexicans and how hard we work to get money to buy food and other things we need in our lives. I know that it was hard for you that you needed to work to get money for school and other things you need but their is always a solution for all the problems in life. First you have to start from the bottom and work to the top they may be some obstacle but you can always solve. I know how you feel of working to get money i have to work to to get things i want and sometimes i feel like not going to but i have to go anyways to get money but the only thing you have to do is to keep your head up and move on in life.


1. why did some people have the same rights?

2.what where some good jobs for mexicans instead of the fields?

3. what where the struggles you faced?

4. what schools where affordable for people with out enough money?

5. why did you get paid so little money?

personal connections

I know how you are struggling in your life and how you work to get thing to buy and pay because i have a job that i have to all the days. i have to go to work because i bought my self a truck and now i have to pay it off so i have to go to work all the time to get money to make the payment. sometime I'm tired like you when you come from the fields caring things around and walking all day and i still have to go to school and then go to work when i get out of school sometimes i feel like not getting up to go to school but i have to go to school to get a education so i can get a better job. so yea we mostly have the same life we both go to school then have to go to work but that's how life works.
This song is a good song because it talks about how he don't have money and that people are criticising him for being poor and that every body is going to be crying when somthing good is going to happen to him and what he is going to do he saying in his song

"No tengo
Trono ni reina
Ni nadie
Me comprenda
Pero sigo siendo
El rey

Una piedra
En el camino
Me enseñó
Que mi destino
Era rodar y rodar"

That mostly show what message he trying to show that he could change his life.