Famous people from Spain

Medisa Kadic

Paco De Lucia

  • Born on December 21, 1947 in Algeciras.
  • Full name is Francisco Sanchez Gomez.
  • Famous for the Rumba: it was famous for its intricate fingering.
  • 2012 got a Grammy Award for best flamenco recording, also received the Gold Medal of Meritin fine arts in 1992.
  • Died on Wednesday in Mexico, age 66 from a heart attack

Salvador Dali

  • Born in Figueres Spain 1904
  • Know for his technical skill as a painter
  • Stole his best friends wife
  • 1974 he organized a museum of his own collection of art
  • Died january 23, 1989 in the place of his birth

Fedrico Garcia Lorca

  • Born June 5th, 1898 just outside Granada
  • Spanish poet
  • Part of a group of artists, called Generacion de 27
  • Read poems in Public
  • 1936 was home when Civil War of Spain broke out, was arrested, then got killed.

Penelope Cruz

  • Born in Spain in 1974
  • Studied ballet at a young age
  • Won the first academy award for the spanish award
  • Married Vicky Cruz
  • She was a Co-star for a lot of movies