Education In Finland

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The education system of Finland is considered one of the best ones in the world, specially for the results in the Pisa exams. What is its secret?
Their high school graduation rate is at 93%, the highest rate in all Europe, whereas in Spain is about 74%.
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Spain score in PISA 2006 was about 490 points while in Finland was 563.


  • Teachers and students have a closer resationship.
  • Compulsory primary school during nine years. They start school when they turn 7 years old, all the kids from the same level.
  • Standarized testing is kept to a minium.
  • Kids have more time to be kids.
  • COMPLETELY free education (school meals, learning material, text books, transportation...)
  • All teachers are prepared in academin universities.
  • They are highly respected and apreciated.
Homework: Finland Does It Better (Learning World S4E1, 1/3)