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Term 1 Week 4 - Thursday 24 February 2022

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Monday 28 Feb - Fri 4 March

Wellness Week

Wednesday 2 March

Ash Wednesday

Monday 7 March

Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 8 March

Pupil Free Day - Staff PD

Wednesday 9 March

Year 3-6 First Aid

Thursday 10 March

Faction Swimming Carnival - postponed

Friday 11 March

Yr 6 Cricket Carnival

Monday 14th March

P&F Meeting 6.30pm

From the Principal


I would really like to thank our wonderful community for your support and agility over the past week as we navigate our new COVID world together.

Unfortunately, we know that we will have more COVID positive cases in our community and classes will be impacted as a result. What has been clear over the course of this week is the Educational Continuity Plan we have in place here at Queen of Apostles means our students are still able to access learning while isolating at home. I thank our teaching staff for being prepared and able to switch to remote learning at very short notice. All being well, we will welcome back our Kindy and Year 2 students and staff to school on Monday morning. I know they will be excited to be back and we are looking forward to seeing them.

The classrooms have been COVID cleaned according to the Health Department directions and our mitigation strategies remain in place. Can I ask parents/carers to please inform us ASAP if a positive result is received either by a RAT or PCR test. I again thank you for sticking to rules and helping us keep our community safe.


On Friday I sent out communication to our Year 3 to 6 families about the students ‘trying a mask’. The take up of this initiative has been very positive. The idea of the trial is to educate the students on the correct wearing of the masks in the event they become mandated in the future. They will also help protect the students from infection if they come in contact with COVID positive case. This is a trial only and the students can choose not to wear them. I understand each circumstance is different and I encourage you to have a chat with your health professional about the wearing of masks.

School Advisory Council
The 2022 School Advisory Council members:
Council Chairperson: Rob Wynne
Vice Chairperson & Treasurer: Paul Martin
Secretary: Andrew Upfold (co-opted)
SAC Member: Ben Indrisie
SAC Member: Sheri McDonald
SAC Member: Jamie Liu

SAC Member: Belinda Fabling
P&F Representative: TBC
Parish Representative: Pavel Orzjanowski
Ex Officio: Fr Paul
Ex Officio: Mark Ryan
Standing Invite: Jennifer Anderson

I would like to thank the School Advisory Council members for giving up their time in the best interests of everyone at Queen of Apostles School. I look forward to working closely with them again this year.

P&F 2022

Executive Committee Members:

President – Kath Anthony

Vice President - Aislinn Trodden

Secretary - Ashlee Lang

Treasurer – Alicia Chee

Committee members:

Renae Butterworth

Carem Carrasco

Bianca Massam

Melissa Reilly

Louise Wynne

P&F Class Representatives:

Kindy - Christina Liew /Ashley Stothard

PP - Tracy Italiano

Year 1 - Faye Konrath / Aislinn Trodden

Year 2 - Sophie Probett

Year 3 - Karen Joyce

Year 4 - Chandima Dissanayake / Marnie Selten

Year 5 - Sarah McIntyre / Leanne Mullins / Carly Watts

Year 6 - Elena Natale / Rebecca Day

As you can see, we have had a wonderful response to people willing to join and assist the P&F this year. We have a new executive team lead by Kathryn Anthony and I look forward to working with them in the best interests of our school community.

Wellness Week

This year in our school calendar we have introduced Wellness Week. Wellness Week is where students and families have a break from homework and instead focus on using that time to play some games, go for a walk, read together or watch a movie.

Staff too share in this week by limiting the number of meetings and making sure that they also spend quality time with family and friends. The benefits (especially in terms of mental health) we reap from ensuring that we have some time to rest are countless! Wellness Week in Term One will take place next week (Feb 28 to March 4).

Ash Wednesday

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and a time when we begin to prepare for Jesus’ great self-sacrifice on Good Friday and then his resurrection on Easter Sunday. We look during this time of Lent for ways that we can show self-sacrifice. People like to give up sweets or cool drink for Lent. Personally, I like to give up my time to help others that need it. What will your Lenten promises be?

Parking and Drive-Thru Arrangements

With a number of new families to the school this year I would like everyone to be aware of our parking and drive through arrangements at the front of the school as the safety of our children is of paramount importance.

  1. Vehicles will enter via the middle driveway on Tribute St East.
  2. If you wish to park and leave your car to come into the school, please turn to the left and park in one of the bays adjacent to the Early Learning Centre or use the marked roadside bays outside the school.
  3. When exiting the car park, you will do so at the exit closest to Vahland Ave.
  4. If you are only dropping-off or picking-up then please veer right and enter the drive-thru area. In this area you may not park or leave your vehicle unattended - it is strictly drop-off or pick-up only!
  5. When exiting the drive-thru section you will use the exit closest to Tudor Ave.
  6. Children waiting to be picked up are to wait on the verandah, under teacher supervision, and when they see their parent’s car enter the drive-thru, they may proceed down the steps at either end of the ramp and wait on the footpath adjacent to the bay where their parent has pulled up. Children should enter vehicles from the curbside only to avoid passing vehicles.

Student Leadership Positions Announced

Tuesday at our Leadership Mass we announced the names of those students who will be fulfilling various leadership roles this year. These students were elected by their peers and the staff because they have demonstrated the energy, passion, commitment and selflessness necessary to be a good student leader in our school. I would like to congratulate them all on being selected for the various positions they will hold this year and I look forward to working with them. I would also like to thank Mrs Maloney for organising this wonderful celebration. Please see the full list of student leaders later in this newsletter.

Student Free Day

Please remember that Tuesday March 8th is a Pupil Free Day. Our staff will be working with Ben Saulsman from CEWA on differentiation in Mathematics. Monday March 7th is also a public holiday (Labour Day) so you will have an extra-long weekend to enjoy with your family.

Best Wishes

Mark Ryan

School News

Year Six Committees: 2022

Student Representative Council Executive:

President: Coby Wynne

Vice President: Marlah Vaz

Executive Officer: Vivienne Adragna

Executive Officer: Nathan Forbes

Social Justice Committee:

Aiden Armstrong

Ruby Connolly

Ethan Warnes

Cherie Zak

Sports Committee: Magdlen

Isabelle Mathews (Captain)

Luke Sullivan (Vice Captain)

Sports Committee: Luemman

Bryn Wilson (Captain)

Sophie Liu (Vice Captain)

Sports Committee: Flynn

Neve McDonald (Captain)

Charlie Norrish (Vice Captain)

Sports Committee: Canning

Emma Thomas (Captain)

Abby Hollow (Vice Captain)

Gardening Committee (Semester One)

Isabella Albertini

Callan Barry

Scarlett Day

Fraya Gardiner

Tegan Jodihardja

Nicolas Natale

Arsha Nikravan

Ezra Rizkallah

Sustainability Committee (Semester One)

Cherise Kuria

Zeva Lang

Ruva Murphy

Rhian Patel

Noah Potthast

Aditya Ranjan

Choir Leaders:

Zeva Lang and Scarlett Day

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