Cannibalism at it's finest


The Karankawas mostly lived in the coastal plains near the very edge or the coast of Texas.


  1. The karankawas mostly ate nuts and berries for fruits they found because they couldn't grow their own food. For meat they ate shellfish or fish since they lived near the coast by the ocean.

obtaining food

They usually either gathered fruit or berries or fished to obtain their food.


The karankawas usually lived in huts made of animal skins and willow saplings. The Karankawas were also nomadic.


The main weapon the Karankawa used was a longbows. They used very powerful and long bows and arrows. Long arrows are better for hunting fish under the water, that is mostly the reason they used such long arrow. They made and used many tools including knives, scrapers, and spear points.

Special traditions/Religions

The Karankawa practiced ritual cannibalism of blood enemies. They say this tradition is to prevent the victim from having a second or third life. The Karankawa believed that eating the victim transferred the courage and fighting skill from the victim to the person eating the victim.

organizations of Leadership

The social political organization was determined by their nomadic lifestyle. They traveled in small bands headed by a chief.

What happened or what became of them

In 1685, explorer La Salle led a French expedition in search of the Mississippi River, but they landed in the middle of Karankawan territory.The explorer established an outpost near Matagorda Bay, and the Karankawas were not happy about this. So they captured a french man and sliced the the skin then ate meat off his body. So they slowly got killed off by white people and their diseases.

Unique fact

The karankawa were very tall and athletic.

Marshall Lundsberg