People who changed their destiny

By Michael Wallace

1st person-Eminem

Eminem started from a poor family, he was a highschool dropout, but still change his destiny and became famous by rapping , even after being a laughing stalk he still came back better than ever and got on top of the game,

I chose Eminem because he didn't listen to anyone throwing him him down. He practiced and chased his dreamed and still became a legend in the rap world.

2nd person- George Jung

George started from a modern family with not a lot of money, then ended up on top as a millionaire , then back to the bottom in prison.

George Jung is one of my favorite people in history. He was one of the main people bringing in the cocaine from Columbia in the 70s/80s. He done what he wanted and made millions. Then after one last set up he was in prison for a long time.

3rd person- Abraham LIncoln

Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin with a very poor family,but despite that he didn't have money he followed his dreams and became president. Not only did he become president but he was a big factor in the ending of slavery. He also was the president during the civAl war.

People who change their stars