Environmental Study Project

Vanessa Garcia


Florida's average rainfall annually is about 53.17 inches. The average rainfall in January is 2.74 inches. In April the amount of rainfall in Florida is about 2.49 inches, and the amount of average rainfall in July is about 7.1 inches, and in October the amount of rainfall in orlando florida is about 3.29 inches.

Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and floods are some of the natural disasters that may occur in Orlando Florida. because of these natural disasters many houses are destroyed and needed to be rebuilt.


Orlando, Florida was founded by Native Americans 14,000 years ago. The population of Florida was estimated to be 19,317,568; which is the 4th largest population in the United States. The community has changed in various ways. For example, the population has increased, more amusement parks, more hotels, and many more houses were built. Another way that the community has changed is by the climate and natural disasters that we have experienced. More expanded streets and roads are also another way the community has changed.


Mostly houses in my community have rocks along side of the porch. One of my neighbors love to play basketball outside the front of their house so you would see people playing basketball. You would also see people riding their bikes. Other people running and walking; being active. My community I would like to say is quiet, not a lot goes on during the day.


Florida's wildlife is mostly gators, manatees, and panthers. Other animals to but not originally from here but can be found in the zoo. Many of these animals are found in Florida's main attraction such as sea world, and gator land.


There are many music but when I think of florida I think of the beach getting a tan and having fun with friends. The type of music that I think of is like pop and hip-hop. Some of my favorite amusement parks here in orlando florida is universal, sea world, gatorland, disney world, and wonderworks.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orlando,_Florida

My Map

The five places on my map is my house, my school, universal studios, new Smyrna beach, and Waterford lakes. These places are my favorite places to be because I have a great time at these places. The school I go to is Liberty Middle School. And I go to new Smyrna a lot over summer break.