Hidden Girl

Chapters 4-5, Melissa Taylor

So where does this happen?

Shyima was a slave for her captors in their first home, in Egypt, but then moved to Irving, California after The Dad got into some personal trouble.


Self- Society

Shyima had a problem with society when she saw how ungrateful people were and are even when they have so much to be thankful for. She realized that a lot was wrong with society because of how often people try to use things and new technology to fulfill their need of happiness.

Internal Conflict

Shyima had a problem within after her parents allowed for her to be sold into slavery. She wondered what she had done to deserve this pain, why she was never good enough for anyone, and why her parents didn't seem to care.

Vocabulary Words


  • Immediacy is bringing something or someone into direct and instant involvement, causing a sense of urgency or excitement.
  • When 911 happened, it brought the Muslim religion and it's followers into the media very quickly. They had to be very careful with what they did because everything was closely watched and immediately judged.


  • A Mosque is a Muslim place of worship, this picture is what Mosques in America look like.
  • Shyima's captors often went to the Mosque, both in Egypt and California, but didn't show qualities of a family who was committed to any religion.

Historical Connection

Current ISIS Attacks

In these chapters of Hidden Girl, Shyima explains her view of 911 as a Muslim when it happened. She didn't understand why people would do these terrible things and wanted people to know that not all Muslims were like that, much like the current happenings with ISIS. Muslims want everyone to know that just as the KKK doesn't represent all Americans and Germans don't want to be represented by Nazis, all Muslims are not part of ISIS and the current terrorist attacks.

Internal Characterization

During this part of her life, Shyima had very little hope and felt like she was useless and unimportant which is why she didn't do anything to revolt against her captors. She did have hope that she would see her family again but the hope was often filled with doubt.