Nicki Minaj

By Tatum Thielen

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Most Popular Female Rapper in the World

Nicki Minaj is one of the most known rappers in the nation. She is made amazing record sales and gotten herself noticed by many others who are also worldwide known. She is an amazing rapper with songs that are catchy, upbeat, and unique. She made herself famous by getting accepted into LaGuardia High School and posting videos of the music she made while there. Lil Wayne saw her videos and wanted her to make some mix tapes with him which became famous and noticed by many records labels.

Early Life

Nicki Minaj was born on December 8th, 1982. Her mother was being abused by the father and they were both on drugs, and alcoholics, so Nicki went to live with her grandmother as a baby. When she was very young her father had set the house on fire and tried to kill her mother, the father then went to jail. That was her mother realized she had to turn her life around. Nicki left her grandmothers house and moved to New York with her mother at age 5. She loved rapping every since she was little. As she got into Middle School she was a very troubled child, but she had an amazing talent and everyone could see it. She tried out for LaGuardia High School and was accepted! That was when her career began, and she started getting noticed, first by famous rapper Lil Wayne.

Musical Accomplishments

Nicki made amazing accomplishments over her years as a rapper. Some of her greatest were when she won the American Music Awards 6 times since 2011. She also won 10 BET awards since 2010. She was the first solo female artist every to have seven singles on the Billboard U.S. Hot 100 Chart. For the Billboard Music Awards, she was nominated 22 times and has won 4 since 2011. She is an inspiration to a lot of people and always finds a way to come up with new and interesting music! She is definitely a musical great!

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In this picture Nicki is accepting her 2015 American Music Award

What Does Nicki Like to do Outside of her Superstar Life?

Nicki said that she loves to watch Judge Judy on her free time if it was her choice she would sit on the couch all day and watch reruns of the show. She also likes to help her friends and family make sure they have everything they need. She does have enough money to help her family when they need it, that's for sure! She knows what it is like to live the rough life, and she knows that it not fun! She likes to spend her money of unique fashionable items for her performances. She also spends her money often redecorating her house in New York. She says decorating her home is one of her favorite things to do on free time!

Where is Nicki now in her career?

Now Nicki is still rapping and writing music, sometimes also bringing in some acting gigs. She is bringing in millions and millions and millions of dollars! She is a very successful woman and now she is trying to focus her work on the empowerment of women because she thinks that the abuse that her mother went through no women should have to go through.

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