Developments In Software/Hardware

Assignment 2-Unit4-Cameron Walton

New Applications-Kaspersky Internet Secuirty

What is it?:

Kaspersky Internet Security is a mid price range internet security software that offers new features in this new updated software.It is a 53.54 pound software, this is fairly cheap for a anti virus and comes with three device licences.It works on most standard devices Macs,Android and IOS devices and Windows phones as well as regular Windows.

What Does It Do?:

It has the basic safety features that a security software should have such as firewall and parental controls but offers other features that have never usually been heard of such as a webcam protection, a separate browser for all online shopping and banking purposes and a plethora of privacy features that help to keep your identity and sensitive data safe.It also offers full and quick system scans that do not effect the performance as much as most computer scans do.During tests it has thrown off all attacks against the software.

Reviews: gave this product 4.5/5 gave this product 5/5

Most customers of this product on the official Kaspersky USA website gave it 4.5/5 out of 3867 reviews.

Wireless Technologies-Hybrid Cloud

What is it?:

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service that uses both public and private clouds to preform distinct functions within the same organisation they can be implemented in a number of ways.

  • Separate providers team up to provide both private and public services as a service that is integrated.
  • Individual cloud providers offer a company a complete hybrid package.
  • Organisations who manage their own private clouds and sing up to a public cloud service, which then is integrate into their infrastructure

What Does it do?:

The hybrid cloud allows the company to have a backup server in a sense, meaning that the company can use the public cloud for standard operations that are non sensitive, only relying on the private cloud when it is required and all of their platforms are seamlessly integrated. For example, if used for eCommerce,you could host the brochure on the public cloud and the eCommerce side of the business on the private cloud.


I cannot find any reviews because it is a software that is not tied to one certain company but is believed to be one of the greater innovations in cloud software.

Innovative Software Platforms-Innovative Software Platforms and Operating Systems

What is it?:

Windows 10 is the latest OS platform produced by Microsoft and it seems to be a very different layout from the standard Windows 7 layout almost all computer users are used to.It is a much improved OS from Microsoft that aims to be simplistic and easy to access.

What Does it Do?:

It is a new update to the Windows line of OS that has many new features such as the use of a new add-on called Metro apps, which is a separate software to the OS that allows you to access different applications that are sometimes linked to your computers files such as photos,movies & TV, food and drink. It also allows you to use your windows phone and stream your screen to your desktop PC, organise all of your emails into one application, it also has a voice command system called Cortana,similar to the IOS siri command system it allows you to use voice commands on your desktop computer, making it easier to search or gather specific files, no longer requiring any struggle or physical movement.


4/5 PC Advisor

4/5 Trusted

3.5/5 PC World