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McDowell School News 5.20.16

What's Up?

This is it.......last Loop of the year!!!

BUS DUTY -5/23/17-5/26/17

Wilson - EW Office
Richardson - Kickball Field


5/23 - Staff Lunch (cook-out)

5/24 - Announcements at 9:05 on Channel 22

5/24 - Printed report cards will be in mailboxes by the end of the day. You will get 2 copies--1 for kids to take home and 1 to be filed in the permanent files.

5/25 - $10.00 CASH due to office if you are attending year-end party
5/26 - Last day for kids!

5/26 - Assembly in Gym 9:45-10:20AM
5/26 - End-of-year Staff Party @ Dani's Barn
5/27 - Last day for teachers! You should have signed up for a time to check-out.


5/21 - Kari Newland

  • Don't forget......files need to be in proper order at your check-out time. You received an email on 4/18, and a memo in your mailbox on 5/2, with the proper order of items in your student files.
  • Please have a walkie-talkie with you at all times when you are out of the building.
  • If you have a large number of parents taking children home with them at the end of the day (after programs, parties, etc.), PLEASE HAVE THEM SIGN OUT THEIR CHILD IN YOUR ROOM.
  • Dear Faculty and Staff,

    Every voice matters! This email is to invite you to take the SCoPE Survey for Faculty and Staff about school communications. You can access the survey at Faculty Link:

    on almost any computer or mobile device, starting on Friday, May 20, 2016 through June 23, 2016. Your privacy is protected. Participation is completely anonymous.

    The Hudson City School District cares about communications and has made internal and external communications an integral and important part of the District Strategic Plan. Earlier this year, as an example, Phil Herman asked you how to help him best communicate with you. It is now the end of the year, and we want to know if you are receiving information you need and want on all levels and in a variety of ways.

    We’ve decided to find out with the help of SCoPE (School Communications Performance Evaluation) surveys dedicated to evaluating the effectiveness of communications with faculty and staff, parents and family, and our community.

    These are nationally normed surveys that align with the National School Public Relations Association’s Rubrics of Practice and Suggested Measures to help strengthen and improve our district’s comprehensive communication plan: internal, parent/family, and community.

    We expect this information will help us determine those areas where our methods of communication are working and those areas that may need to be enhanced.

    Again, the Faculty and Staff and Parent/Family surveys will be open from May 20th through June 23rd. The surveys take less than 15 minutes. We know this is a busy time, but really value your input.

    The Community Survey will take place in the fall of 2016. If you are both a staff member and also a parent in the District, please feel free to take both surveys.

    Parent Link:


    Sheryl Sheatzley

    Manager of Communications &

    Alumni Outreach

    Hudson City School District

    Phone: 330-653-1495

Happy Summer

The intent of this video was as a message to parents. But this made me think of the staff at McDowell. I have heard these words and seen the love with my own ears and eyes. It is an honor to work with you.
9 things every child needs to hear

Of course had to end with a laugh. You cannot watch this without laughing.