IT vs. Meg

The final solution...


The Dark Thing represents dark or scary. "She tried to open her eyes but the lids would not move," (pg. 180). This is significant because Meg could not move and she though the Dark Thing got her and she could not move. She couldn't sit up because she was paralyzed and the Dark Thing tried to get her.

Character Analysis

Character analysis is important in a wrinkle in time. It is important because at the beginning Meg has a lot of "faults". She then realizes that they can be strengths. "I'm-I'm sorry Father" (pg. 220). This shows that that Meg was really upset at her father and she let at impatience and was apologizing to her father.
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Meg Murry

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Meg apoligizing to her father

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Meg letting out her anger


In A Wrinkle In Time, the theme is love and kindness. "Mrs.Whatsit loves me; that's what she told me. that she loves me," (pg. 228). This is important beacuse at that point Meg realized that love is what IT doesn't have. She also realized that bad people hate love, so she could defeat at a bad person with love.
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A Wrinkle in Time
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