Roman Culture


Roman Egineering

Many manufactured things from roman times have beneficially effected modern society. For instance, roads, the colosseum and aqueducts. The Romans put much effort into there construction. There work payed off because, there job led to the building of some remarkable inventions that have survived to this day. The Romans actually got many ideas from Ancient Greeks. These ideas were used to critique and strengthen there own plans.

Aquaduct, Roads and The Colosseum

Rome established many things associated with engineering. One historic long remember invention by the romans is an aquaduct. The aquaduct is very popular considering the fact that it impact the way that there life ran. Put in other words, there life ran more smoothly from the aqueduct because they always had enough water. Further they rescued Roman cites from depending on nearby water. This system was priceless in improving public well-being and hygiene.

Another important thing from Roman engineering is the roman roads. Although romans weren't the first to invent roads, they made amazing roads and more specifically made them out of flint. To ensure authority of the domain, the Romans built the most practical system ever seen. Many of these roads are still in service today. The Romans built over 50,000 miles by 200 A.D.

The Roman Colosseum built between 72 A.D. and 80 A.D. critical piece of remembrance. It was made of stone and concrete. This amphitheater had 80 entrances and the events were very harsh, around 50,00 animals were killed each day. The colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world.

In conclusion, Romans have made a huge impact in the way we live today, they implemented with what they had to survive. There creativity was impeccable. This impact has made todays society stronger.