The order of operations is easy!

By: Ashley Kate Mattson


You may think the order of operations is really hard. You probably think you will never get how to to it. You are wrong. the order of operations is really simple if you know your math facts. If you don't know them I suggest learning them before you learn them before you try the order of operations. This flyer will tell you How to do the order of operations.

How do you do the order of operations?

First you should know what PEMDAS is. PEMDAS stands for parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add, and subtract. It is in that order because fist you do parentheses, then you do exponents etc. What ever is in the parentheses, you always do first. Next you do exponents. For multiplying and dividing, It doesn't mater what order they are in. You do them left to write. So, if the division is first you do the division first. Next it is the same thing for addition and subtraction. You do what ever one comes first.

the order of operations