Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 30! March 23rd - 27th


This is the week of IOWA testing! Please be sure that your child is in class at 8:00. Announcements were made last week that tardy students will not be allowed to enter the classroom. Students will have to wait until we have a testing break to be called up. They will have to make up the missed portion of the test at a later time. Please have a light and healthy breakfast each morning this week. Please talk to your child about testing manners. These tests are very important and should be taken serious. Please help by making sure your child is well rested and stress free each morning.

I appreciate all of the snacks provided to our class for our testing breaks! Thank you!


Teacher Appreciation!!

I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me!!! Last week was amazing! The gifts, flowers, and the precious cards were so thoughtful. I could tell everyday that you all put such thought into the gifts! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


After IOWA testing, about half of the class will be working with me on a reteach packet for Chapter 14 while the other half works on enrichment activities for Chapter 15. About 60% of the students mastered the material in Unit 5, so we will use the time after IOWA to work on the skills that need remediation. Test papers will go home this week for those who mastered the tests for Chapter 14 and Unit 5. Students who need remediation will be given a second chance to take these tests. Grades have been entered with 98 for those who mastered the test, PND for Pending the 2nd chance test, I for incomplete tests for those who were absent or left early. No homework will be given this week, but feel free to work on the study guide for Chapter 14 and Unit 5 test as provided on last week's newsletter if your child has a second chance test pending.

Unit 6 / Chapter 15: Addition Facts

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 15

Science and Social Studies

I am excited to get back to our Science and Social Studies lessons! We will start a unit on Space next week after the completion of IOWA testing. We will begin with a unit on the Moon and will enter into a full Space unit!

Projects after the IOWA tests!

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