Olympic Flyer

By Zara Harrington

This is..............

You might be wondering, who this very tall girl is. Well she is Elizabeth Cambage. She is the tallest woman in the woman's basketball team. I will tell you some facts about her.

She was the first one to do a slam Dunk

Her Weight is: 98 kg because she is so tall

At age 10 she was 6ft tall

Her height is: 203 metres

Her Birthday is: 18 / 8 / 1991

She was born in: London, England

Her Coach is: Carrie Graf

Age at games: 20

In 2009, she played in the in the under 20 Australian National championships

Liz Cambage Dunk makes Olympic History (News Report)
If you would like more information please go to this website or type in on Google Elizabeth Cambage fact page. Or click on this link bellow.
Elizabeth Cambage fact page

It gives you a lot of great facts that you never knew about her.