Ola, Wauya TO MOZAMBIQUE ! Tudo Born?

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About Our Country

Mozambique is one of the poorest country there is, But we have a really big population. Schooling in Mozambique is not mandatory at any level. Pemas Island is one of the largest marine protected area in Africa and includes unexplored beaches and coral reefs. Portuguese is Mozambique's official language.

Other important details on Mozambique

Capital:Maputo, Population:24,692,144, Area(sq.mi):308,642

Mozambique Music

Mozambique is a vigorous style of Cuban music and dance derived, like the conga, from music of Cuban street carnivals.
Pandza Mix -original Music From Mozambique-By DjLlindo Mix

Mozambique population

The population is young; roughly 44 percent is under age 15. Most people live in rural areas. Maputo, the capital and largest city, has about 1.5 million residents.
Prayercast | Mozambique

Mozambique History !

Mozambique's first inhabitants were the Khoi-khoi and the San. Very little is known about them except that they were hunters and gatherers. Sometime around AD 300, Bantu tribes migrating to the area brought agriculture and iron with them. Arab and Asian traders made contact with local groups as early as the seventh century; Arab trading posts flourished along the coast for many centuries.

Mozambique's Geographic Challenge

Mozambique Pie Chart

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Mozambique National Anthem

This article examines how the writing of the national anthem - taken as an object of a history of post-independence Mozambique - reveals processes of identification concerning the imagining of a subject-people. This involves an analysis of three calls to submit proposals for an anthem and the responses to such calls, at the eve of independence, in the context of the civil war and the Fourth Congress in the early 1980s, and after the advent of multiparty democracy. While each of these calls was related to a different fiction of the people, all of them shared a common contradiction: the postulate of an active, sovereign people coexisted with the presumption of its passivity, conceived as the inability to produce the anthem which would represent the people's very self. Thus, rather than confirming the principle of popular sovereignty, the writings of the national anthem led to its problematisation and constitutes an intriguing historiographical object.

Mozambique holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Heroes' Day (3 Feb.)
  • women's Day (7 Apr.)
  • workers' Day (1 May)
  • Independence Day (25 June)
  • Victory Day (7 September which led to Mozambique's independence)
  • Armed Forces Day (25 sept.)
  • Day of Peace and Reconciliation(4 October, commemorating the 1992 peace agreement that ended the civil war)
  • Family Day and Christmas Day (Dec.25)

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