Institute Day

Friday, September 26, 2014

Health Services Staff Offerings

Friday, Sep. 26th, 9am-3pm

Community Unit School District 200, DuPage County, IL, United States


The institute day on Friday, September 26th is a work day for all staff (CSNs, flex RNs, staff RNs, 1:1 classroom RNs and health aides). We have a lot of interesting and fun programs planned for the health services staff.

9am - 11am Program Offerings

504 Plans

Please join us as John DiSanza explains our new system for logging 504 plans and navigating the cloud to find templates and paperwork for 504 plans.

Available to: CSNs, staff RNs, flex RNs. (Elementary CSNs need principal permission)

Location: Monroe Middle School - North Conference Room

Facilitators: John DiSanza

Health Technology (Google, SNAP, Synergy)

Please join us as we answer your questions about the programs used in health services including google, snap & synergy.

Available to: staff RNs, 1:1 classroom RNs, health aides

Location: Wheaton North High School - Computer Lab Room 118

Facilitators: Dana Andrews & Lynda Dome

11am - 3:00pm Lunch & Independent Program Offerings

Please select from one of the options below:

Meet with a PLC group

CSNs do you find it difficult to meet as a PLC? Here's your opportunity. Coordinate your PLC group to meet and let me know if you need a location.

Meet with your School Health Office Staff

Are you in a health office where you work on different days, so you never have a chance to meet face to face? Coordinate with your staff to get together at your health office and get caught up.

Complete GCN training

Have you finished the required GCN computer training? Go back to your health office and finish it up.

Attend CPR Heartsaver Certification Class

Do you need to renew your CPR certification? Sue Theisen will be offering a CPR Heartsaver class at Wheaton North High School beginning at 11am.

Attend Handling Illness & Injury in the School Setting Class

Maybe you have had a first aid class and maybe you haven't. Either way, Becky Barnett will explain common illnesses and injuries that you will see in a school health office and show you how to respond to them. The class will be at Wheaton North High School beginning at 12 pm.

Attend Managing Health by Managing Stress Class

Jan Barlow will discuss the effects of stress on your health and teach effective coping skills and relaxation techniques to be able to use in your professional and personal life. This class will begin at 1 pm and the location is TBD - probably Wheaton Warrenville South High School.

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Click on this link to sign up for a morning offering and an afternoon offering.