Rhenium Componets

Rhenium is made out of copper and molybdenum.

Melting Points and Physical Properties

Copper's melting point is 1,984 degrees fahrenheit. Molybdenum has a melting point of 4,753 degrees fahrenheit. All together Rhenium's melting point is 5,726 degrees fahrenheit. Rhenium physical properties are that it's malleable, it is very ductile, and it is silvery white. It's density is 21.0 g/cm3 at 68 degrees fahrenheit.

Fun Facts and Usages

It is used for flashlamps, ion gages, and product of lead free high octane gasoline. It's radioactive isotope has a halflife of around 100 billion years. It has the highest boiling point of all elements. It is the third rarest metal in the world.
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