Vol. 12 February 15, 2016

Going to the Doctor, Going to the Dentist

Theme: Going to the Doctor, Going to the Dentist

Book: Dr. Doctor

By: Richard Scary

This week we will be talking about going to the doctor. In our Book of the Week, the children will learn about going to the doctor and going to the dentist. The children will learn about what happens when we go to the doctor and/or dentist.

For Special Center, we will practice going to the doctor and going to the dentist! We will learn about the waiting room and what to expect at a checkup!


Objects, place, activities: inside, teeth, ears, mouth, nose

Social: doctor, okay, choice, yes, no, turn, wait, feel

Actions: look, checkup, listen, help

Attributes: staying calm, waiting

Song: Do you know the Doctor?

Small Group: The children will practice going to the doctor or dentist.

Early Birds at Home

This week we will really focus going to the doctor or dentist. At home, you can talk about going to the doctor or dentist.

It's a good idea to mention everyone goes to the doctor and dentist. You could talk to your child about doctors and dentists helping to keep people healthy. Family members could pretend to go to the doctor or dentist. Be sure to allow your child to be both the patient and the doctor or dentist.

By participating in both roles, your child will gain a greater understanding of what a visit to the doctor or dentist looks like and what is expected. Singing the waiting song while you are pretend waiting for the doctor or dentist is a good idea too! It's also a good idea to discuss what you can do in the waiting room (i.e. read a book, play with toys, or watch a movie).

Early Bird Illness Policy

If you fear your child may be coming down with something, has a fever or virus, or has had a fever or virus within the past 24 hours, please keep him/her home. When the kids are not 100% well, they have difficulty learning and benefit less from being at school. Also, keeping them home helps prevent epidemics! If you know your child will be absent, please call or text 214-864-3013. Thank you for your cooperation!!!!