September 17, 2016

STAR Testing

STAR testing will be held this week. This is a standardized test students at Gibraltar take on computers in September, January, and May each year. Our class is scheduled to take the math portion Monday afternoon and the reading portion on Wednesday morning. I encourage you to make sure your child gets good rest and nutrition before these test dates so they can perform their best! Thank you!

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes are scheduled for September 26th.

Show and Tell?

As I stated in a letter I sent earlier, students in my classroom get a good behavior ticket each day. We have a "lottery" at the end of each day and my assistant chooses one ticket (from those that still have one to turn in) and it goes on the "Prize Pickers" list until Friday. This Friday we had our first prize picking for those who have had their tickets picked so far. There are many items from pencils to jewelry to sports cards and many other things for students to pick from. I also have "Show and Tell" coupons available as a prize to choose. Students sometimes ask if they can bring something to show the class, but in second grade we do not really have a Show & Tell time. So, I offer students to choose a coupon as a prize, and then bring an item in. I did tell the class that another way they can bring something in if they are really excited about sharing it, is to write a whole one page paper about the item first (at home) and bring that in with the item. :)

Open House & Parent Teacher Conferences

It was so nice to see so many of you at Open House last week! I hope you enjoyed your child led tour of our classroom. Most of you had a chance to sign up for a Parent Teacher Conference in November. If you still need to, please email me at to schedule your time. Conferences will be held on Thursday, November 10 after school from 4-7, and Friday, Novmber 11 from 8-1.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thank you for all you do!