caddo lake

come and visit our beutiful lake

what you can do and what you can see

Caddo lake is a lake that is beautiful to go to and see the water you can swim and you can also see alligator's and there is also a bunch of fish. I went last summer and we stayed in a big yellow house and we swam. There is also paddle boats there and I saw a water moccasin. We also had my little sister she played on the bank with all the little fishes. And you can also got out on a boat ride and go see all of the can also pet baby alligators.


we had 14 people staying in the house and it was pretty nice it had a backporch and the porch was in the water and u could get a good view of the water and when the sun went down u could sit and watch the sun set .

there is also many places you can go and eat like

caddo lake

it is located in jefferson

you can follow the directions below
we would more than welcome for you to come and see the beautiful view of all the beautiful things ar caddo lake thank you