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Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

Over the weekend I visited Alexandria, Egypt and I think it was a great historical vacation for many reasons. Especially because it is a place where Ibn Battuta visited in his travels to Mecca. Also it is a great place to visit to learn about history in the Crusade era. Another reason is this was the first city modeled after Rome and many city’s later followed. These are some reasons why I think Alexandria, Egypt was a great historical vacation.


On Friday I visited the Castle At Alexandria. it was a great place to visit and it is in my pictures below. Also it was a really good place to visit because it is right on the water. I also visited The Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. This place is really cool and modern and is just a fun place to go. And you can read about the Muslim culture while you're there. Another place I visited was the Bibleothica Alexandria. This is similar to the last place very modern. And it is right on the water so it looks really cool when you go. The last place I visited was the Montahza Palace Gardens. This place is beautiful. It is very peaceful and a relaxing place to visit.


On Saturday I visited the Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi it was a great place to learn about the Muslim Culture. It is also a very beautiful place to visit and just great. I also visited the Pompey’s Pillar. This is a very cool "Egyptian" place to visit. It is really cool because it's way out in the desert where the Egyptians lived. Another place I went is Roman Amphitheater. I liked this place a lot because Alexandria was a city based on Rome and this place really shows it. And because when you think about it people from the "Roman" era came here to watch different plays and performances which is really cool. The last place I visited was Deir Mar Mina (St. Mina Monastery). This is a really good place to learn about their culture. And it is avery beautiful place to visit just in general.


On Sunday I visited The Royal Jewelry Museum. This was a really fun place to visit to see all the cultural jewelry. Also you could just feel like this was a very rich in money wise and history wise. I also visited the Alexandria National Museum. I really liked this place because it showed the history for the city. And it was a great place to just look around at all the different things it had to offer. Another place I visited was the El Kobba El Samaweya. This place is the ball thing connected to the library. It was just flat out fun to look at. The last place I visited was the Alexandria Unknown Naval Soldier Memorial. This was one of my favorites because it honored so much to their society. And it was just a beautiful place to visit.
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