Every Day

Antony Alanis ^.^

Story elements papragraph

Every day takes place in Maryland during the present. The main conflict in this story is trying to stop waking up in a new body every day as a new person and falling in love. The book begins with this spirit like person waking up in a young teens boy body. His name is Justin. He ditches school with Justin's girl friend to the beach. They had such a good connection with each other. Pick up the book to find out what happens.

Character Analysis :*

The main character is A. Three words to describe the main character are romantic, uncommitted, and curious. The character is motivated by this young girl that he had fallen in love with. This young girls name is Rihonan. I like this character because he is so determined for this one girl that he likes so much. The relationship between A and Rihonan is a romantic because he is willing to sacrifice so much for this one girl.

Theme ;D

The theme of this novel is to never give up and follow your heart. One example is A would e-mail rihonan right when he woke up of he had a chance to. A third example from the book is he would visit her anytime he was free or he had a chance to. A final example that supports theme is that he would try to stay in one body and only one for her sake.

Evaluation >.<

I would give the book every day a 7.5 . I rated this a 7.5 because the book was some what repetitive. Teens can defiantly connect to this book. One reason is that the book is based around true love and to never give up.