Canada in 2060

What will Canada look like in the Year of 2060?


Alot of things could change within years...the population growth could decrease or increase, the immigration rate coulld rise or decrease, even the death rate could change and make a huge difference. I wonder what would happen to Canada in the year of 2060?


Current Situation:

  • 20% of Canada's population is made up of immigrants

  • One third of Canada's immigrants come from either China, India or the Philipines

  • A lot of Canada's immigrants are economic immigrants since Canada wants people who contribute their knowledge to Canada and sionce the baby boomers are retiring
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Future Predictions:

  • Canada will need a lot more economic immigrants to take the place of the baby boomers

  • Around half of the population will be made up of immigrants

  • People from undevoloped countries will be immigrating a lot more often to Canada for a safer, well-educated place to live instead of the places where they live.

  • The places that they live will countinue to cause them to suffer from: wars, lack of food and water, children limitations, girl discrimination, poor health systems, unfair government, over-population and much more.


Current Situation:

  • the birth rate: The birth rate is really low compared to 100's of years ago, as people are not having as many children anymore, thanks to things like adoption and birth control methods.

  • the death rate: Too many people are living longer since more and more cures for illnesses and safety rules coming out, and therefore the death rate is decreasing.
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Future Predictions:

  • the birth rate: I think it will get lower throughout the next couple years, then all of a sudden rise up; since most people are waiting until they are done university or college before having kids. So eventually, all of the people who waited will have babies ; causing the birth rate to go even higher.

  • the death rate: I think that it will increase a bit while chemist and scientist look for the cures for the many rare uncurable dieases goinng around; but eventually they will find the cures needed and the death rate will be higher than before.

  • the natural increase rate: I think that the natural increase rate will increase a lot by the time that the year 2060 comes since the population will be fairly high all of a sudden in my opinion, as more and more immigrants come each year.

First Nations

Current Situation:

  • People like Wab Kinew want to get rid of the indian act

  • There are a lot of sterotypes that first nations look like the picture on the right, which is not true.

  • First Nations do not usually wear feathers or carry arrows that they made around with them
It's Not an Opinion, It's a Fact: Aboriginal Education in Canada
Video: It's Not an Opinion, It's a Fact: Aboriginal Eduction in Canada

This video supports my point of view because it shows how first nations are not treated nearly as good or equal as non-aboriginals. It shows statics about the difference between us and the aboriginals, even though there should be no difference when it comes to things like education.

Future Predictions:

  • I think that the First Nations will end up getting the same respect as any other Canadain does because of videos like the one above and the education that is provided for non-aboriginals about the First Nations

  • I think that the indian act will eventually be removed permenatley, since there are people now fighting against it

How Will my Life being different in the year 2060 be than my parents currently have in Canada?

The ways that my life will be different compared to my parents life at the age of 60 in the year 2060 is by things like over-population. By 2060, Canada will be packed with people, which also causes less areas to live and higher prices compared to what my parents pay now. Since there will be more people, the taxes that I will have to pay will also be higher.