Famous sports

Most Popular Sports in America

1st most popular sport

1. Football is the most popular popular sport in America. Football is so popular because of cinderella stories like when people think that team wont win but they do in 1998 Wimbledon's victory winning the FA cup. coaches and how they all do diffrent things with there team. Rivalries, defensive exitment, weekly intrigue, Thanksgiving tridations, parties football have them every year, the super bowl.

2nd most popular sport in in America

The secound most popular sport is baseball. It is popular because any team can make a comeback like in 2003 when Chicago cubs and the Florida Marlins. the trade deadline is like a holiday when a bad trade with Mark McGwire and T.J Mathew. The players wife's are geoges, hall of fame weekend is popular, is the only all star game that matters, the winter can be very exiting, history is made every year.

3rd most popular sport in America

The third most popular sport is basketball because movement like running, jumping, stopping, turning, catching, throwing, and dribbling, forms condition, get your body into shape with moving every second. It doesn't have that much equipment all you need is a basketball.