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February 2021

Dear CCES Families,

February is here and we have made it past the halfway point of the school year. It is hard to believe. This very unusual school year seems to be flying by. The holiday of love, Valentine's Day will be here, the 100th day of school will be here, President's Day and February Vacation. With all of these holidays and special celebrations on the horizon, let's remember to celebrate all the hard work students have put into making academic progress, along with all the hard work staff have put into helping students remember why they love to learn. Undoubtedly, a year such as this has had us all stop, reflect, and think about what our students need most. This school year even more so, our students have needed the social and emotional supports to adapt to this new and different educational landscape.

The focus on social and emotional needs of students has never been more important, as we help them navigate new learning platforms, new technology and continue to work hard to move forward in the curriculum. Please visit our school counselor's Parent and Family Resources page linked at the bottom of the newsletter, for access to materials that may benefit you and your family. As always, we would love to hear from you if you have suggestions or ideas on how to improve teaching and learning here at CCES, and of course, we are here if you need us.


Mrs. Nickerson and Ms. Wyman

Valentine's Day Celebrations

Monday, Feb. 8th, 12am to Friday, Feb. 12th, 2pm

Central Community Elementary School,

Valentine's Day is approaching. If your child would like to participate, we ask that valentines are sent in by Friday, February 5th, as they will need to "quarantine" prior to being handed out.

Also, please remember we are unable to accept food for these celebrations. We know this is a change from our celebrations in previous years. However, in our efforts to continue to limit possible Covid 19 transmission, staff will be creating innovative ways of celebrating.

School News

What's Happening in Grades K & 1 Full Time Remote Learning?

We have conquered 2 quarters in remote learning! We are making great gains in all areas.

Kindergarten is learning about winter animals in Science. In reading, students are enjoying new books and crafting sentences from them. They are developing early reading and writing skills. In Math, the kindergarten focus has been writing, identifying, and ordering numbers to 20 as well as counting to 50. They are continuing to use terms like before/after, more/greater, and less/least as we extend to learning about larger numbers.

First grade is learning about winter animals in Science. We just finished our Narrative Writing unit and will be learning about informational writing. In reading, students are using reading strategies to solve unknown words. They are gaining confidence as readers and developing fluency and comprehension. In Math, the first graders are working on math fact fluency using various strategies. We will continue to explore groups of numbers with "part part whole", "fact families", "number bonds", and how they relate to addition and subtraction. Drawing a pictorial representation, "counting on" and "counting back" using a number line are also appropriate strategies to interpret and solve word problems, especially as we begin moving into understanding of larger numbers.

Ms. Trafton

What's happing in Pre Kindergarten?

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Parent and Family Resource Page

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