JournalOfC.j JacksonDustBowlMigrant

Book by William Durbin Presentation by Graham Stevens


The Main Characters in my book are C.J, Mother, Daddy, Olive, Lester, Belle and Dalton


The book took place in Oklahoma a few other states and California .

⬆️Rising Action⬆️

The rising action of the story is all of the dust storms in Oklahoma and there trip to California.


The climax of the story is getting to California looking for jobs and daddy getting arrested for hitting the man being mean to olive and bell,Then meeting the man who let them rent out a house for one Dollar which was pretty nice.

⬇️Falling Action⬇️

The Falling Action is when they help the man who owned the car dealer ship fix his car and that man after offered daddy which he got and they then had enough money to buy a apartment and were eventually able to go back to Oklahoma.

!? Problem !?

The problem of the story is that when they got to California they couldn't find any jobs and the people there where mean to them.


There solution was getting jobs and finding places to stay so that they could eventually buy an actual home and move back home to Oklahoma.