Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

During the Holocaust, Alex and Mela Rosan took in a young Jewish boy, named Jacob. They protected him from dying while putting the lives of their family, and Jacobs at risk.

Jacob was taken in by the Rosan's to keep him safe. During this troubling time, Jacob had to leave his home, his friends and his family to move in with a new family. The move brought many changes including changing his name and learning a new routine. Absolutely nothing was the same and it never would be again.


The book takes place during the Holocaust in WWII. Jacob, a young boy in the Jewish religion, lived in a ghetto with his Aunt Hannah and his grandmother. The Rosans found out about the bad conditions Jacob lived in and took him into their home risking the lives of their family. They kept Jacob safe by making a hiding place in the floor where he would hide when others outside their family were visiting the house. That worked until they were almost caught by the Germans. They thought it was too risky to stay where they were so they decided to move. They took Jacobs brother named Sholom into their home and they called him by the Polish name of Orish. Soon after they took Orish into their home, he passed on because he got very sick. Soon after, Jacob got really sick and needed surgery. The surgery was expensive so the Rosan's sold their house to cover the cost. After his surgery, they took in Jacob's other brother, David. David looked like a polish boy so he was allowed to play outside. Jacob was very jealous of that. One day the Rosan's son, Yurek, got shot by a nazi and passed away. When they found out the Germans were going to kill everyone they went to move in with Mela's brother until the war was over. After the war ended, the boys went back and lived with their father and didn't see the Rosan's for 16 years.
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"He would have to bury Sholom sitting up. As he dug a hole in the basement, he recalled a story that Zenek, a young cripple who worked in the cemetery, had once told him, "Jews are buried sitting up," Zenek said, repeating the tall tale, "because when the Messiah comes, they want to be able to spring out of the ground to greet him."

I think Jacob is saying to his brother that he hopes he gets to see the Messiah because they only had enough space to bury him sitting up. They were following the jewish traditions.


I gained a lot of respect for everyone that had to deal with the pain the Germans caused. This book gave an inside look but from a kids point of view. It was sad and touching at the same time. The intensity of this book was very high. I thought it was very touching and thought provoking and I liked it a lot.
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