New Technology


Artificial gills

Think Aquaman (Although, we are not quite sure how he is useful). Just like flying; the capability of breathing underwater is one of those things that we have all wanted. Israel based inventor Alon Bodner has come up with a prototype; LikeAFish (that’s one smart name) which allows humans to breather underwater by generating oxygen from the water like the gills of a fish. The current issues are that of size and weight, however, progress is being made quite rapidly to overcome these issues.I chose this because I do a lot of swimming and the main problem is breathing under water so I think this is a really good idea that could change the world.

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Google's self-driving car

The Google driverless car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars. The project is currently being led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View. I chose this because many car accidents happen so if every car could be like that there would be no more car crashes or accidents.

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Contact lenses that connect to the internet.

Scientists predict that contact lenses with an Internet surfing function will be invented by2030. Images can be formed through permutation and combination of LED on thesespecial lenses. Just blink your eyes and you are online!I chose this because it is useful to have access to the internet without needing any ipad, computer, phone...

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Flying skateboard

Yeah, we know, it was a hoax, but for a brief, glorious moment, it seemed like all ourBack to the Future-fueled dreams were coming true: an actual working hoverboard that wasn’t just a scientific experiment constrained to a laboratory. The promo video, from a company named HUVr and featuring famous faces like Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmet Brown himself doing everything from just riding around to catching footballs and even controlling the hoverboard with an iPhone. I chose this because I always wanted to try some kind of flying without anything holding us.

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Machine translation that understands human languages

Baidu Translate currently supports 27 languages, 702 methods of translation, and dealswith over 100 million translation requests. Baidu has also invented a translating robotwhose function as a real-time interpreter has been praised by scholars both domesticallyand abroad.I chose this because this robot can translate any language , so that anybody that does not speak the language can understand.

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