The Life of a WWII Soldier

By: Harrison Lantis

To become an American soldier in WWII you would first have to enlist or be drafted into the army. Once you have joined the army you begin training at one of the many U.S training camps. And finally when you are done training you would be shipped off to the battle in one three continents. During the battle men had to keep lots of ammo for there gun because a gun is practically useless without ammo. While men were fighting the war across the Atlantic women had to take the jobs they left behind.
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Similarities and differences between the Iraq war and WWII


One difference between the Iraq war and WWII is that WWII was fought on land sea and air and the Iraq war was fought on land and some air strikes from the air. Another difference is that both wars had used lots of weapons but in the Iraq war the weapons were way more advanced than the weapons in WWII.


Both wars lasted at least four years. Also both wars had lots deaths involved. Another similaritie is that at least two country's fought in the war