Conference Call Recording

Susan, Kathy & Teresa share Open House tips and more!

Here's the recording from last night's call! Thought you might like a couple of stats from the Directors' open houses..Susan and I each had 19 people attend, and Kathy had about 24 come. What I want you to understand is that even after many years in business, we don't have 75 people coming to our events! This is something that builds over time. If 10% of those you invite attend, it's a success, so please don't be discouraged if you host a shopping coffee, invite 30, and have 3 show up. Hosting puts a deadline on getting your holiday strategy together, as well as your gift sets! You can then take your holiday show on the road by having a "temptation basket" or "trunk show" from your vehicle's trunk, and follow-up on those wish lists. The RESIDUAL income can be HUGE! Work it and have fun!