Daily Bulletin

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Please review today's ASP attendance sheets here.

Please remember that we are having Community Time on Friday 9/23 starting at 4:15pm.

Dismissal Update

First - third Grade dismissal will be in the cafeteria today. We are back to our regular dismissal location: Gym on Wednesday and Cafeteria on all other days.

Fort Greene Park

Field Trip Service (including buses to Fort Greene Park) will begin on October 6th. There will be no field trip service on the dates listed below:

  • October 27
  • November 3, 15, 18
  • March 7, 9, 16, 24

The times indicated below are yellow school bus pick up times (BPCS & Park).

Big image
Current Plan for Park:
  • Grades K+1 cannot go to the park until busing begins because of safety concerns. Metrotech is your play option.
  • Grades 2+3: If you would like to go to the park, you may walk your class to the park. Both core teachers need to accompany their classes.
  • There is no additional coverage until buses to the park start in early/mid October.
  • It not possible to change your lunch time so you need to be back by your scheduled lunch time. We also cannot provide field trip lunches until busing begins.
  • When busing begins: We will provide field trip lunches. And, coverage will change: only one core teacher needs to accompany their class to park.
Operations Punch List

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Logins & Passwords

  1. Wifi: Brooklyn Prospect Wireless / bcwireless5643
  2. Smore: classroom email / Downtown!