The Meanest Doll In The World

The Sequel Of The Doll People


The Genre Of This Book Is Fiction ; It Is Fiction Because There Is Talking Dolls And They Can Move On Their Own. The Dolls Can Also Communicate With Other Dolls, Like Their Mom, Dad, Brother, Or Even Their Best Friend. The Dolls Take An Oath To Never Let A Human See Them Or Else They Go Into "Doll State". Doll State Is When A Doll Is Caught Moving In Front Of A Human So That Means The Doll Can't Move For 24 Hours. There Is Also Permanent Doll State : It Is Where The Doll Can Move At All For The Rest Of Their Life.This Is Also Fiction Because Dolls Do Not Live And They Do Not Die.


You Will Absolutely Love This Book And Everything In It!


Annabelle And Her Friend Tiffany End Up Going To School In Kate's Backpack And End Up Going Home In The Wrong One So Then They Discover That They Are In A Totally Different House! So They Get Out In BJ's Bedroom And Meet A Doll Called Mean Mimi. She Is The Meanest Doll Ever! They Can't Get Back Home Till Monday So They Are Stuck There! Now They Have To Survive The Whole Weekend There ; After The Weekend Is Over They Get Back In The Backpack And Then On Monday Morning They Are Taken To School And They Get Back In Kate's Backpack And Go Home! Then When They Get Home And Have Already Have Said Their Hello's And Hi's And Then A Fimiliar Voice Comes Out Of No Where…….It's Mean Mimi. She Acts Like She Is So Sad And Helpless But It's A Trick And She Starts Trying To Expose The Dolls So Everyone Plans A Trap For Mimi But The Captain Ruins It And Mimi Comes Back And Tells Annabelle And Lies And Tricks Her So She Can Turn Against Her Best Friend Tiffany! Then They Get Into A Fight And Don't Talk To Each Other For A Week! Then When Mimi Comes Back To Get More Revenge And Then They Team Up And Become Friends Again! And Then Mimi Climbs A Shelf And Calls Kate's Name, Right When Nora Walked In So Kate Thinks It Was Nora! Close One.Then Kate Picks Up Mimi And She Goes Into Permanent Doll State! And Now That She Is In PDS Everyone Lives Their Regular Lives Once Again. Check Out The 3rd Book In Your Nearest Library The Runaway Dolls!

Point Of View

This Book Is In 3rd Person Because It Uses The Words He And She When They Are Talking About The Characters And Their Actions. For Example….

  • Annabelle Sighed And She Gazed Around The Room. Pg 80.

  • She Had Even Realized She could No Longer Remember Her Very Well. Pg 11.

  • Auntie Sarah Was Just Like All Those Famous Women, She Was Always Telling Annabelle About "Madame Curie" And "Harriet Tubman" And "Amelia Earhart", Said Annabelle. Pg 24


The Story Takes Place In These Settings. In The Bathtub, Dollhouse, Attic, Backpack, School, And The House. The Dolls Main Place Is The Dollhouse ; Because That Is Where They Spend Most Of Their Time. The Dolls Also Walk Around Kate's Room And Go In The Barbie Camper And Even More! They Travel Into Nora's Room To Go See The Funcraft Family! Tiffany And Annabelle Just LOVE To Travel Everywhere, But They Need To Make Sure They Make It Home In Time!


My Narrator Is Ann M. Martin. She Is My Narrator Because She Is Telling The Reader About What's Happening. When You Read The Book You Can Tell That It's Her Because, When he Talks About The Characters Or The Conflict, It's Like She Is In The Story With Them, Following Them And Narrating Everything That They Do.

Author's Tone

The Tone Is Calm And Soft Because She Is Just Narrating What Is Happening In The Story. She Is Just Calmly Talking To The Reader Like They Are Having A Nice, Sweet, Regular Conversation. Go Back To The Point Of View, There Are Two Sentences About Her Narrating.


While The Dolls Are In School, The Need To Find Kate's Classroom So They Can get In Her Backpack So They Can Get Home ; So Tiffany And Annabelle Go Searching In Classrooms For The One With The Scarf On The Hangers So They Can Climb Up The Scarf, Get Into Kate's Backpack, And Return Home!


The Theme In This Book Is Adventurous Because, They Explore The School And Outdoors And Even The Palmer's House.The Author Is Trying To Teach The Reader That You May Go Through Some Good And Bad Times In Life, But You Can Always Find A Way Out Of That Situation. You May Fight With Your Friend Because Of A Rumor That Made You Mad At Her ; Like With Annabelle And Tiffany. Mean Mimi Lied To Annabelle To Get Her Mad At Tiffany.


  • She Is As Mean As A Menace. Pg. 95. (She Is So Mean It Is Like She Is A Menace.)


She Is A Menace To All Dollkind. Pg. 147. (She Is Rude To All Dolls So They Call Her A Menace.)

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