All of the book genres


Humor books are books that make you laugh. Sometimes you are laughing so hard you start crying . (I have done that once.) A humor book is really fun to have if you are in a bad /sad mood. You can check them out at your local library.


An autobiography is a book that is made by the person that is telling the story. It is usually a book about what happened in his/her life or of his/her life. They are like diaries, but diaries tell a story like what happened in “World War 2” or something. Autobiographies are something that happened before not during.


Mystery is often a detective story. It has a story, or Mystery to be solved. There has to be clues that the Detective must find. The purpose of Mystery is to solve a puzzle. Sometime they tell you who did what but you don’t know the characters all you now is the detective(s).


It usually contains threats to the main characters that often end in death or torture. Thriller/Horror stories try to create a sense of horror, terror and try to scare the person who is reading it. Most of the time, this story does not have a happy ending.


The definition of adventure is action packed books. Adventure takes you on a wild ride through the amazon or in a desert. They are usually about someone getting lost or a plane crashes and they have to survive in the wilderness.


Memoir is a book or diary about someone’s memory or their life events. Authors that write memoirs to have a way that will make the readers hang on to every word the say. Memoirs sometimes diaries that people write from a long time ago. They can be like a holocaust books.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which the books are often based upon science and technology of the future. They commonly involve aliens, monsters and other made up characters. It is also a little bit of fantasy but it can not be categorized as totally unbelievable.


Biography is the true story of a person’s life written by another person. It describes a person’s life, surroundings, behavior, affect on other people, feelings and sometimes explains about the difference he made to the world.


Romance is love shifting story.Sometimes you cry,laugh,and maybe you might be mad at the characters in the story. Romance people say it Yuck!Some people say Aww!but

A romance is a girls sorrow or a guys dreams.

Historical ficton

Historical fiction is a genre about the past you can imagine the way that people lived back in the olden days. Historical fiction is a well written story about a time in life that you have not existed in. Many people think it is boring, but once you start reading i'll be amazed.


Fantasy is a genre that commonly uses magical powers, talking animals, and other imaginative things. Fantasy starts with once upon a time or long long ago and most of the time end with 'Happily ever after'. Fantasy includes fairy tales, tall tales, myths, legends, fables and other imaginative stuff.


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