Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Taking a look at the best and worst parts of 2015

The biggest entertainment stories of 2015

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Best and Worst products of 2015

The other worst product of 2015

The worst product of 2015 is called Innerly. It is a smart pendant that has a recording device meant to narrate a current circumstance you'd like to remember. It is meant to capture memories, however there is no camera, so users will continue to use their smartphones and cameras to capture their moments.
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Best Movie of 2015

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Top 5 most influential people of 2015

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My New Years Resolutions

Personal improvement: Lose another 15-20 pounds by next year.

Family and Friends: try to be a more involved family member and participate in more family activities.

School and outside world: Earn all A's for final marks and end of school year.