Zach Deering and Ryan Johnson


  1. Located east Sri Lanka's Central Mountain Massif
  2. Lots of tropical forests
  3. Used wood as resource for building houses and shelters
  4. Use the mountains and rain forest to hide from animals for hunting
  5. Very hot an tropical climate and lots of rain fall
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  1. Formed around 16,000 B.C., mostly came to an end in the 1950's when they were forced to open up their land for other tribes
  2. Wanniyala-Aetto actually means Forest Dwellers or Veddah. Called this because they were very shy and rarely ever seen.
  3. There was no specific ruler and they ruled themselves because they were so isolated and because there was such a small population
  4. Are believed to be descendants of Sri Lanka's original Neolithic Community
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  1. Main religions that they use are Hinduism and Buddhism
  2. There are less than 2,000 people
  3. Hunted deer, wild bore, and birds. Worked on fields (Burnt fields down and moved after a season), and gathered honey
  4. They speak Sinhali and Tamil
  5. Men and woman wore one piece clothes covering their torso and legs
  6. The had no religious buildings but they did pray
  7. Their Culture was known as the "Cult of the Dead."
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  1. They did not have a money system or much of a trade system because they were in the middle of the ocean, but they did have a little use of trade on boats to India.
  2. They would trade their natural resources like clay and gems.
  3. They hunted animals like deer and wild boar, but collected honey and gathered fruits and berries.
  4. They only had a population of 2000 people, so that is why they couldn't trade as well with other civilizations as well.
  5. They were faced with adversity when more settlers started coming, and started destroying forests.
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  1. They lived in small villages in the forest and lived in so small of villages that they didn't have a true primary leader.
  2. Their main weapon for hunting game was a bow and arrow, but they used harpoons and toxic pants for fishing.
  3. They were known for their culinary arts, and their famous sausage coverd in other meats and fats.
  4. They are a slash and burn cultivation.
  5. Mainly the women are the ones who do he gathering of honey, fruit, and nuts, while the men hunt the boar and deer.
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