The story of a man's journey leading to his eventual exile.


Oedipus is the King of Thebes, and doesn't know much of his real parents, having believed that a King and Queen were his parents for his whole life. One day an old, blind man accuses him of killing of his own father and marrying his mother. He does not believe a word the man says, but still seeks to find the truth. He then finds out that his wife left her only child on a mountain to die at birth. Oedipus then orders the man that found him on the side of Mount Cithaeron to explain the real truth about his parents. The messenger tells Oedipus that he was not related at his fake parents at all, and Oedipus brings another shepard who tells him that it was his own wife, Jocasta, that bore the child and gave him to the shepard. Oedipus then realizes the child was himself and decides if all he can see is sorrow and pain, there is no longer any need for his eyes. He then kills Jocasta and plucks out his eyes, fulfilling his prophecy and is finally exiled from Thebes.


Though Oedipus was a wonderful ruler with a very intelligent mind. He was very egotistic and oblivious to the truth. His first mistake is to not believe Tiresias, the prophet; in fact, this is his also his biggest mistake because prophets have never been wrong and therefore always correct. Not believing a prophet was a wrong decision taken by Oedipus. Next, after Oedipus finds the truth about himself being the "pollution" to Thebes, Jocasta, his wife/mother, kills herself. That was the final straw, and Oedipus blinded himself and finally exiled himself.

In conclusion, all of these events added to one another and lastly, Oedipus becomes the tragic hero of this story.