Cockrill Spanish

This week in Señora´s class...

Foreign Language Conference

Next Thursday & Friday I will be in San Antonio at the 2014 ACTFL Convention & World Language Expo. While I am away the students will be watching episodes of Mi Vida Loca and completing vocabulary and comprehension questions for the episodes. I know that some students like to take advantage of substitute teachers, but please encourage your child to stay on task and on his/her best behavior while I am away.

Oral Presentations

Mid October we started working on a presentation using where students will describe themselves and another person. Since we started on the Prezi's back in October the students have had many opportunities to work on it in class on the MacBooks or in the library on the PC's and Macs. Many students are done but there are some that have not used their time wisely and are still struggling to finish by Monday.

We will start presentations on Monday and do approx. 5 a day before the break and then the remaining when we come back from Thanksgiving.

I am using a random name picker so that all students will have had the same amount of time to complete their project. Please encourage your child to show you their Prezi as they have worked really hard on it!

If their Prezi is on my account and they have forgotten the information, please email me for the log in and password.


We've started copying our structures to keep in the vocab section of our binders. Be sure to ask your child what structures they've learned this week!

Movie Talk

This week we used our structures in a fun new way! I front loaded the students with some vocabulary that I dubbed their "cheat sheet" and they used this to help me narrate a short clip from the movie while the sound was off.

Show What You Know... (hide what you don't)

Timed Writing

After a brief hiatus, we resumed our timed writings today. Students should be able to write a simple comprehensible story with around 40 words within 5 minutes. I always encourage students to retell something familiar but they can write about anything as long as they show me what they know and hide what they don't!


Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire
Last week we started a song by Nelly Furtado and just a day or 2 ago we started the peppy song by the brother & sister duo, Jesse & Joy.

Sadly, it seems that not all students are using this as an opportunity to practice their listening and reading skills. If this continues, those students will no longer participate in music warmups and will have to do an alternate assignment.