April Newsletter

Hurley Elementary

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Guidance News

The character word for April is self-discipline. Are we teaching children to demonstrate hard work and appropriate behaviors? It is important to teach them to be in control of their words, actions, impulses, and desires. We are their greatest role models. What are they learning from you?

K News

April is upon us and it is time for fairy tales. We will use various fairy tales this month to teach story elements and work on retelling and answering comprehension questions. In math we will work with 2D shapes (square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, triangle) and 3D shapes (cone, cube, cylinder, sphere). We will look at the attributes of each shape. We will continue to work on addition and subtraction. Please read with your child each night and practice their spelling words.

1st Grade News

Happy Spring! As we enter the last quarter of school your child will be involved in many types of assessments. Please be sure your children are getting plenty of sleep, completing homework, and reading DAILY.

We will be working on an Economics unit for Social Studies. We are working on different reading strategies and math strategies.

2nd Grade News

Wow! We’re rolling into fourth quarter already. Where has the time gone? This quarter, in reading, second grade is concluding how to prove author’s purpose by finding evidence in the text to support their reasons. We will be working our way to poetry and using imagines in non-fiction text to help us understand what we read.

In math, students are still struggling with 2-and 3-digit subtraction and addition with regrouping, so please continue to help students will math facts and regrouping at home. In class we will be working on adding four two-digit numbers, time, and money with word problems.

Students will be taking their last Reading 3-D test for second grade at the beginning of May.

Planning ahead…Second Grade Reader/Writer’s Tea tentatively on May 29th. More details to come soon!

3rd Grade News

Hello spring! Third graders continue to work hard as they enter a new season. In math, third graders are being introduced to the world of fractions. They will learn everything from the basics of fractions and comparing fractions, to fractions on a number line. Students will develop an understanding of fractions through hands-on activities. Students are going to continue to work in their literacy groups learning to become independent readers. Science and social studies will be integrated into their daily literacy. In Science, students will begin learning about forces and motion. Students will do an awesome PBL where they create a catapult from scratch! Please continue to encourage your child to read and review math facts at home nightly.

4th Grade News

April is always a fun month for our fourth graders as they eagerly await warmer weather and more time to play outdoors! We begin the month with a fun and educational field trip to Horizons where we’ll explore moon phases and electricity. We will follow up this trip with a neat moon phase activity using Oreos, so if you can send in a package (or two) it will be greatly appreciated! Students will be tracking the different phases, so don’t be surprised if they ask to spend a little time outside before going to bed at night.
In reading we are enjoying our Greek Mythology unit. Students are using their iPads in a variety of ways, such as listening to stories about Greek Gods and Goddess, making sock puppets and using creative apps such as storyLines and ShowMe. We will also be reading tall tales and fables this month. In math, we are finishing up our comparison of fractions, decimals, and percentage. Please encourage your child to calculate your shopping bill and correct change prior to checking out at any store or restaurant. We are utilizing a few iPad apps and hope your child finds time to access these at home; MobyMax, First in Math, IXL, VMathLive, Reflex. Our students will be taking their fourth quarter benchmark assessment. We will be sending home an updated data report to show you their strengths and weaknesses.

We just started our third extraordinary PBL session. Students have chosen another PBL from the following four:
NC Road Trip, Economics, Forms of Energy and Rock, Minerals & Fossils. Please ask your child to see their projects and presentations on their iPads.

This time of the year we use lots of tissues with seasonal allergies, please send in extra box of tissues for us to use in our classrooms. Thank you for your continued support.

AIG News

As we wrap up the year I will be examining the data from our class with your child to make sure they are fully prepared for their EOG. This will involve a lot of reviewing in class and your support at home. Please make sure you are looking at your child’s grades daily on the parent portal and staying on top of their schoology assignments with them. As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to a strong end to the school year.

5th Grade News

Fifth graders will have a very busy April. We will travel to Water Works

Art Gallery on April 7th. Students will explore the museum as well as create their own art projects. Be sure to talk with your child about this experience. We will also be visiting The Buck Steam Plant April 30th and May 1st. The students will look at and discuss ecosystems, food chains, and food webs through hands on experiences in the natural environment. !

Math continues with the study of fractions. We will soon be moving into measurement. Students will practice converting weight, capacity and length in customary and metric units. We will use the gallon man to help us with customary capacity conversions. Ask your child to draw you a picture of gallon man!!

In reading, we will continue to do guided reading groups working with different genres and higher level thinking skills. Leveled readers as well as some novels are being used to engage students in their learning.!

Science will focus on forces and motion as well as interactions of matter and energy and the changes that occur. We will do a variety of experiments to enhance the learning of these concepts. Social studies will focus on The Great Depression, World War l and ll. We will discuss how these events in history have had positive and negative effects on the development of our nation.

Art News

All grade levels will continue to explore different medium and processes. They are often given a choice of their medium by going to and from the "Art Media and Tool Shelf".

Students will continually go over safety expectations until the end of the school year. This is to ensure the safety of your child and of their classmates. We look forward to a last quarter of learning, collaboration and respect in the art room.

The Novant Healthcare Art Reception for students was rescheduled for Monday April 6th from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Topics in art class this month include:

Color theory and color value in grades K - 2nd, Portrait in 3rd grade, a lesson on N.C. artists and other N.C. art themes- lighthouses for Fourth grade and 5th grades will doing lessons on the Principle of Art- Emphasis while choosing an animal of their choice from their Biomes study in Science.

PE News

Thanks to everyone who raised money for Jump Rope For Heart. You are a Heart Hero! March was Nutrition Month and March Madness. Students in all grades just finished a unit on nutrition and practiced basketball skill which consisted of dribbling, bounce and chest pass and shooting jump shots and layups. They finished the unit with a game of scooter basketball.

In the month of April all students will participate in volleying skills. 3-5 students will have an introduction to volleyball skills.Students will practice the forearm pass (bump), overhead pass (set), and the underhand serve. They will play games that involve the different skill such as serving showers, mini-volleyball and group work in stations. K-2 skills will consist of striking and volleying balloons with different challenges involved. Games students will participate in will be straddle ball, sheep dog and partner challenges.