Pink Posharita Update

Week of Sunday February 7th - Saturday February 13th

February GOALS!

PV-$4,000 - $3,862 to go!

TV-$10,000 - $8,194 to go!
CV-$50,000 - $36, 953 to go!
Personal new team members-4 - 2 to go!
New team members overall-10 - 6 to go!
New members in our company-25 - 15 to go!

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Checklist to get ready for catalog change! Still a great resource during this transition time!

This is a pretty good amount of information and hopefully instead of being overwhelming, it will help you get ready and feel prepared! Catalog changes are a fun, exciting time!

1099 update!

From the Newsroom: 1099 FORMS FOR 2015 HAVE GONE OUT

The 1099 Forms for 2015 have been sent out to all consults who qualify. We send out a 1099 Form to all consultants whose commissions and other benefits received are $600 or more for a given year.

If you received $600 or more in 2015 and you have not received a 1099 Form, please submit a support request.

If you received less than $600 in 2015, please contact your Tax Advisor for instructions on how to correctly report your income on your taxes.

Tuesday Video Trainings from 2/9

Yesterday was Tuesday Training (official Home Office training videos)! If you missed the videos yesterday you can check them out using this Facebook event link (scroll down a bit and the videos will appear as posts on the event's wall):

Team Training Spreecast

Last night Cassi led a Team Training on new products and important updates from Premiercon. If you couldn't hop on the training last night, you can still view it by clicking on the Spreecast link in this event.

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Premier Call Notes - 02.09.2016

Premier Call Notes - 2.09.2016

Lots of great things happening since PremierCon ended and Posh night occurred! Thanks to everyone so so much for your excitement and sharing around #PoshNight! The energy was amazing!

With the launch, there have been updates to the Prep Academy! A great refresher for everyone is Day 11 and Day 8 with the changes on things. Watch them! ☺ But there have also been new videos on the Posh Paper, Polka Dot Guide, VO differences, Replicated website for prep, Replicated website overview, Posh awards, How to Refer a friend to perks, Hostess and referrals are perky, and How to place a party order! So many new videos!! And, updating today will be an overview to the Posh box as well as the Info Page of the box! Check them out!

We have received great feedback on videos so far! Thanks to everyone that gave opinions! ☺ Remember, all videos launch on Tuesday at 10am MT and you can see them on the events tab of the Posh Talk FB page.

Awards and Rec is all caught up! As soon as commissions are ran, rank advancements will start to go out!

All locations are shipping the 3rd… SLC and Philly should start to ship after that soon. Orders prior to the 3rd (with the exception of transition kits, should be SRed). There are 1308 total transition kits left to go out today. The ops teams have worked really hard on getting them all shipped out. Thanks so much for your patience.

There is an amazing Transition Guide in the resources section (current promotions) in the box that should answer a lot of questions about transition. Please reference that as well as the newsroom before calling/SRing as you may save yourself some time! ☺

Dayaway closes on the 10th (that’s tomorrow!!) so get those tickets quick!

Pennies Warm Soles at Dayaway. This is your chance to support the new Posh Foundation… You Deserve It. ( Bring change in a sturdy Ziploc bag to be weighed and donated. We are also accepting donations of gently used shoes for men, women, and children as well as new (new only!) socks. Our collective efforts can have a huge effect supporting local YWCAs and the You Deserve It foundation.

There are still some items that the Dev team is chasing down. Ann will keep the premiers updates, and we will then in turn, keep you updated with the bugs that are being squashed.

There is no call next Tuesday as Ann and Andrew will be in the annual meeting.

List of discontinued items!

Keep in mind some could be product repackaging but we won't know until the launch ! Please don't panic, LOTS of great new stuff is coming!!!! You can order these now if you know you gotta have them! Some stuff may run out before Friday but no way to know!! Happy discontinued list shopping everyone!!!
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Pink Posharitas are all Perfectly Posh consultants that are downline of Maddie Jaime, Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant.