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August 4, 2020

Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world.

34 Days to the Start of the 2020-21 School Year

The Class of 2020 has graduated and soon we will be welcoming the Class of 2024 to our Scarlet community. We know this school year will be like no other, and we are committed to the safety of our school community, to getting our students into the classroom as much as we can safely, and providing a quality educational experience. I am excited for students to return in whichever way, shape or form we can get them and look forward to sharing their amazing energy and awesome Scarlet Pride! The purpose of this newsletter is to provide initial information in regard to the 2020-21 school, with more information to follow as we work and plan in response to the impact COVID is having on our community. Please review this information carefully and feel free to call the school with questions.

Remember, we can all do our part to help our community move in a direction where we can have more students in the classrooms. Wear masks, practice social distancing and wash your hands!

Safety Is Our Top Priority

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Last week, Superintendent Peterson shared the COVID 19 Preparedness Plan which outlines the health and safety expectations ALL schools MUST follow. This includes the cleaning and disinfecting protocols we will be using and the steps that individuals will need to follow to keep us all safe:

1. Monitor health daily - those with symptoms stay home

2. All students and staff must wear a mask - masks will be provided

3. Wash hands often

4. Practice social distancing - stay 6 feet apart

5. Cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be followed

Safe Learning Plan - In-Person

In-Person Learning Model is defined as every student coming to school every day. We will create as much space between students and teachers as is feasible, but will not need to enforce the 6 feet of social distancing required in the hybrid plan.

In-Person Learning for high schools will be appropriate when the Blue Earth County number of positive COVID 19 cases is between 0-9 per 10,000 people.

Safe Learning Plan - Hybrid

The Hybrid Learning Model states we can operate at 50% capacity, but must maintain social distancing of 6 feet. In our school, that means we could accommodate 33% of our students on a given day. Students will be assigned to one of three groups (A-B-C) based on the last name listed for their household in Infinite Campus.

Hybrid Learning for high schools will be appropriate when the Blue Earth County number of cases is between 10-29 per 10,000 people.

Safe Learning Plan - Distance

The Distance Learning Model would be similar to last spring in that students are not in the building. Following distance learning last spring, we learned from our challenges and will capitalize on our successes. We are committed to increasing collaboration with teachers and peers, a high level of engagement, and rigor in our online environment.

Distance Learning for high schools will be appropriate when the Blue Earth County number of cases is 30 or more number of cases per 10,000 people.

Making a Choice

Consistent with the MN Department of Education Safe Learning Plan, Mankato Area Public Schools has a deep desire to keep our students and families connected in our school community. Therefore, every family has the option to choose distance learning if that is their preference beginning this fall. If your family chooses distance learning, your child will follow the distance learning plan for the school year.

A family survey is included in the Infinite Campus Census Verification tool allowing families to elect distance learning for the 2020-21 school year. Please note, it is very important for our planning to know how many students will elect this option. We are hoping you will partner with us and complete the Census Verification, including the survey, as soon as you are able. The accuracy of our plan is based on the results of your survey responses, and this information will be significant as we plan for the fall.


One clear message shared by students, teachers, and families was the need for a common online platform used at each level. At the high school, we will be using Moodle, which students will access through the student portal. We will not be using Pass/No Credit as we did in the spring; we will be using letter grades.

Regardless of the scenario, Moodle will be an increasingly important part of our students' educational experience. Moodle will be the platform used for teaching and learning activities throughout this year, whether we are in-person, hybrid, distance learning and students who choose the distance learning only plan.

Information from our Tech Department

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Please make sure you are able to log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

If you have problems logging in or need to set up an account, please contact our Infinite Campus support team at ICsupport@isd77.org

Device Repair (Grades 6-12 Only)

In preparation for the upcoming school year, if your child's chromebook is in need of repair, please send an email to familytechhelp@isd77.org and set up a time to get it repaired or replaced. Please take care of this as soon as possible.

Information to Come...

We will continue to provide more information (such as attendance, arrival, dismissal, lunch, etc.) as the school year draws closer.

We Care

We care for the educational, emotional, and physical health of all students and take each component seriously. We are committed to providing a quality experience regardless of the challenges we face and look forward to providing more information in the weeks to come.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me, sblasi1@isd77.org, or give us a call at 387-3461.